OnePlus TV India: Launch & Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for a new television set that is different from the rest of the market? The OnePlus TV set will be coming soon, and it will make a difference in how television sets are designed.

The new OnePlus Launched.

OnePlus TV

The OnePlus TV was first introduced by OnePlus a year ago. The company announced its plan to make a new television set that would provide people with a better and more connected television experience. Considering how OnePlus has focused on smartphones over the years, it is surprising to see that OnePlus would branch out. But as it appears, OnePlus provides a design and setup that will make things different from what people might find.

OnePlus TV India

OnePlus TV Price List

The OnePlus TV will launch in India on 26 September 2019. There will be future releases in Europe, China, and the United States, although the dates for those releases are unclear.

OnePlus TV Screen Size

The OnePlus TV will be 55 inches in size. The company is looking to produce 43, 65, and 75-inch models too. A QLED panel will be incorporated with support for more than a billion colours. A detailed processor will provide extra help with identifying the appropriate colours for display.


The 4K ultra-high definition or UHD design on the television set makes it capable of displaying the sharpest and most brilliant images around. The resolution specifically clocks in at 3840×2160.

Audio Setup

You can’t forget about the audio quality when using the OnePlus TV set. The design uses eight speakers at 50 watts. The bass can fill a room in moments.

The Dolby Atmos system provides theater-quality support for a cinematic sound setup. The processing and spacing of content ensures that content appears in the right directions. The Atmos setup pairs well with the Dolby Vision setup for managing bright content.

OnePlus TV Operating System

The OnePlus TV will use the Android TV operating system. The system provides the simplicity and functionality of Android on a television set. You can use your Google account to link to many things of value. You can access online content in moments, not to mention you can link up to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other subscription systems through the setup.

The built-in Chromecast feature is also popular. Chromecast works as a streaming tool that loads up information on different programs you want to watch online. You would not require any outside materials to make it work, thus adding to the simplicity that the television set has to offer.

2.0 Remote

The Bluetooth-enabled remote for the television set features a slim design that makes going through content easy to manage. The top feature of the remote is that you can use the Google Assistant button. The button triggers the voice control feature, thus helping you control the content you wish to incorporate.

The remote design is emblematic of OnePlus’ desire to establish more support for Internet of Things designs. The potential for OnePlus to move forward into the smart home layout makes things more appealing.


You can use a OnePlus smartphone if you have it to link to the set as well. A Bluetooth link provides access to a convenient virtual keyboard and control setup. The design is ideal for those who are searching for content on the television set. You have the option to switch between apps on the set in moments with a phone. The connectivity ensures the television set will be easy to adjust and control while providing access to all the distinct entertainment features that one wants to work with.

Connection Ports

There are multiple connection ports on the OnePlus TV that facilitates a helpful link to many devices. Three HDMI ports are included alongside two USB ports. An RJ45 Ethernet port provides fast signals for online connections with links that are faster than what a traditional internet link may feature.

For wireless links, a Bluetooth 5.0 connection is provided. The Bluetooth standard provides some of the best-quality links that people can use for their connectivity purposes. The 802.11ac dual-bard connection ensures the Wi-Fi setup on the television set works faster and provides better help for managing content.


You will enjoy how the television set provides more storage and memory for many uses. The 16 GB storage space is useful for many apps and programs that can be loaded on the set. The 2.5 GB RAM also provides memory for running even the most complicated programs that a smart television set can use.

OnePlus Design

The last feature to see in the OnePlus TV set entails the design that the set comes with. The television set features a design that includes a smart base that provides a good balance for the set to keep it intact. A setup for mounting the set is also included. The carbon fiber black look provides a better appearance that adds a modern look to any television room.


The design provides a 178-degree viewing angle. The picture looks striking no matter where the viewer sees the action from.

Updating further

The design of the OnePlus TV set makes for an attractive unit of value, but there are many other things worth finding here. The set provides a detailed image and strong audio setup, not to mention it can work with many online functions and setups. The Android TV setup makes for a strong plus. The versatility of the features included on the set ensure the design provides a better sense of control for managing content for viewing purposes in many ways. The OnePlus TV set will make for an appealing evolution in the field of television that people will be interested in using.

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