9 Best HP Laptops Under 30000 in India 2021

Are you thinking of buying a new laptop and are you wondering which laptop you should buy? No need to worry, we have listed the best laptops under 30000 which might suit you budget and that comes with good specifications.

Laptops are not popular for its compactness but also for their outstanding capability to run demanding applications. You can play high-end games, do multitasking and much more. But does every laptop have the capability to do high processing tasks? The answer is no. It depends on the purpose of buying a laptop.

For example a gaming laptop is specifically designed with features that can give a better gaming experience. Therefore, one must be accurate while buying a new laptop.

Buying a new laptop can surely be a hectic task and it becomes more hectic if you are not correctly guided. Many factors like budget, configurations, durability, etc. comes into play when you are buying your new laptop.

There are many companies selling laptops, each with a different configuration, price, etc. This sometimes creates ambiguity. That’s why you need to have the correct knowledge about buying the best laptop for you. Afterall, laptops are not something which you are going to buy every day.

HP laptops that you can buy under 30000:

Well, if you are looking to buy the best HP laptops under 30000, then you are at the right place. We have covered everything that you need to know before buying the best laptop for you. In addition to this, we have also discussed the 10 best HP laptops under 30000, that helps you to choose your laptop easily.

Before moving further to look at the best HP laptops under 30000 let us first understand the basic specifications. The following are some important features to observe in any laptop:

  • Processor
  • Ram and storage
  • Graphics card


Processors are designed by many companies, but here we will discuss only about intel and AMD as all the laptop under 30000 listed below fall in these two CPU types. But what actually is a processor?

In simple terms a processor is the heart of a computer system. Processors are held responsible for handling every process of any system. It executes the instructions that make up a computer program.

1. Intel processor: Owned by Intel, the processors of this company are a popular choice for a CPU. The popular and widely used variants are core i3, core i5, core i7, core i9 which is subdivided into generations.

2. Amd Ryzen processors: Ryzen processors are a family of CPU’s that comes under the AMD brand. Its popular variants are Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9.

The question is which is better? Well, it totally depends on how heavily you use your laptop and your budget. The processors with bigger numbers costs more, but has better performance than the previous version. However, again that totally depends on your use. If you are buying a laptop only for using the internet, and doing some simple stuff then you do not need Intel core i5 or core i7. However, if you are planning to do a high end gaming, then you will need better configuration.


RAM or often called as random access memory is an important factor to look while buying a new computer system. It is used to store data. RAM is further divided into SDRAM and VRAM.

SDRAM (Synchronous dynamic random access memory) is responsible for running the operating system and applications. And this is where the term DDR comes into play.

DDR means double data rate, which is an advanced version of SDRAM. The DDR-SDRAM can transfer the data twice as fast an SDRAM chip.

In the later years DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 were introduced. One better than the previous one.

How much RAM do you need?

Well, that totally depends on your tasks. If you are running a particular software you can check that software’s system requirements.

Graphics Card

The GPU or graphics processing unit is an equally important component of a computer system. GPU handles rendering the images to the display of a computer system. However, a GPU is also divided into two categories, Integrated and dedicated. The integrated GPU comes built in the motherboard and you do not have to worry about that. But the dedicated are externally added. If your tasks and budget do not require a dedicated graphics card then there is no need to focus on that.

Best HP Laptops Under 30000 in India

HP Laptops Under 30000

Here are the great HP Laptops Under 30000 to use.

Best HP Laptops Under 30000 in India 



HP 14 14-inch HD Laptop

7th Gen Core i3/4GB /1TB HDD/Windows 10

HP 15 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

7th Gen Core i3/4GB/1TB HDD/Windows 10

HP 14 14-inch FHD Laptop

INTEL Core Pentium Gold 4GB/256GB SSD/Windows 10 

HP 15 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

AMD E2/4GB /1TB HDD/ Windows 10

HP 14 14-inch HD Laptop

9th Gen AMD/4GB/1TB HDD/ Windows 10

HP 250 G7 15.6 Inch HD Laptop

7th Gen Core i3/4GB RAM/ 1TB HDD/DOS

HP 245 14-inch HD Laptop


HP 15 15.6-inch HD Laptop

AMD A9/Core/8GB/1TB/
Windows 10

HP 15 15.6-inch HD Laptop

Pentium Gold/4GB/1TB HDD/ Windows 10

 1. HP 14 14-inch HD Laptop

HP 14 7th Gen Intel Core i3 Processor 14-inch Thin and Light Laptop (4GB /1TB HDD/Windows 10 Home/Smoke Gray /1.59 kg), 14q-cs0006TU

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HP makes many top-notch specification laptops especially when it comes to budget laptop under 30000. Their pocket friendly pricing always attracts buys to get one of them. The HP 14 laptop is not an exception.This HP laptop variant comes with a 7th generation Intel core i3-7020U processor.

The dual core processor at this price is best out there. It really out performs many laptops thanks to its 2.3 GHz clock speed.  The model is having an amazing 14-inch HD display. The quality of display that they have used is amazingly color corrected and amazing viewing angles just makes you feel that you are using a $1000 laptop.

As we have already discussed earlier, the base clock speed of this processor is 2.3 GHz that comes with Intel’s HD integrated graphics chip. This HP laptop model carries 4GB DDR4 dual channel memory. The laptop is capable of having up to 8GB of DDR4 memory.

It is available 1TB HDD storage enough for all the media, games and software that you want to have. Windows 10 home edition comes reloaded in this laptop. Talking about the IO ports it has two 3.0 USB and 1 HDMI port, the HP laptop makes it one of the best HP laptop under 30000.


  • This is a lightweight laptop that weighs only 1.59kg
  • Comes with integrated Intel graphic card
  • Processor is capable of handling all your needs


  • Average battery life is 4 hours.

2. HP 15 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

HP 15 Core i3 7th gen 15.6-inch Laptop (4GB/1TB HDD/Windows 10 Home/Natural Silver/2.04 kg), 15-DA0326TU

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This best HP laptop is our 2nd pick for you. HP 15 is a successor to our previous pick HP 14 they both are the budget king in the current market. This budget hp laptop comes carrying a newer version of 7th generation Intel core i3-7100U processor with a higher 2.4 GHz base processor clock speed.

For heavy tasks you get an Intel’s integrated graphics that can handle many tasks you have. It has a massive 15.6-inch Full HD display with color correction and better viewing angles. In addition to this, the display it has is a diagonal FHD SVA Anti-glare WLED backlit display.

It carries 4GB DDR4 memory that is again expandable up to 8GB of dual channel memory. The 1 TB of hard disk space makes the model not only powerful, even more versatile in media consumption and data storage. In addition to this it’s processor is embedded with the latest Intel HD graphics 620 graphics card that means you can run light to medium games on it.

Not only games, photo editing and HD video editing will be smooth on this laptop. It comes with Preloaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity.


  • It has a 3-cell lithium-ion powered battery that gives an average battery life of 7 hours.
  • Embedded with Intel HD graphics 620 card
  • Intel core-i3 processor helps in improving performance


  • The model weighs 2.2 Kg.

3. HP 14 14-inch FHD Laptop

HP 14 Intel Core Pentium Gold Processor 14-inch Thin and Light Laptop (4GB/256GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/Jet Black/1.47 kg), 14q-cs0018TU

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We all know Intel is not the only player in the process market. AMD in the current market provides the best value for the money processor. The laptop uses an AMD APU chip set. This model has a 2.3 Ghz AMD A4-9125 9th generation processor with turbo boost. The multi core performance on this particular model is far more superior than any other laptop.  

Also, 4GB DDR4 dual channel RAM that is also expandable up to 8GB really helps. Its a 14-inch display laptop embedded with the dedicated AMD Radeon R3 graphics chip. Playing games on this laptop is possible.  Also, it comes preloaded with the latest version of Windows 10 home operating system with lifetime validity.

It might be a great deal for your daily processing tasks and for light gaming. The laptop is ultralight weight, only weighs around 1.54 Kg. The Build of this HP laptop model is very compact and travel friendly thanks to its 14 inch display and battery life. The graphics processor is powered by AMD and has AMD Radeon R3 graphics processor.  


  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight laptop
  • Good specifications are available at budget friendly cost.


  • High end gaming might not give good experience.

4. HP 15 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

HP 15 AMD E2 Entry Level Laptop (4GB /1TB HDD/Win 10) 15q-dy0001au & X3500 Wireless Mouse

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HP always comes with unique budget friendly laptops. This model is powered with an AMD Ryzen 2200U processor that has a good clock speed of 2.5GHz and has up to 3.4Ghz burst frequency. HP 15 Ryzen R3 laptop is a dual core powered laptop. This will be beneficial to run your routine multitasking tasks easily.

It is provided with pre-installed Windows 10 Home Operating system with lifetime warranty. HP also provides pre installed software Microsoft office Home and Student with this laptop. HP 15 Ryzen R3 is provided with 4GB DDR4 RAM which is expandable upto 16 GB. It has AMD Radeon Vega 3 Graphics Processor and storage of 1 TB HDD.

Having a Full HD 15.6 inch display with 1920×1080 resolution makes it another good laptop to consider in our list of best HP laptop. the laptop holds a good place in the market.


  • Long lasting battery of 13 hours battery life
  • Powerful laptop
  • HP provides a 1 year manufacturing warranty with this laptop


  • It weighs 2 kg, however with this much specifications it’s not much.

5. HP 14 14-inch HD Laptop

HP 14-inch Laptop (9th Gen A4-9125/4GB/1TB HDD/Win 10/MS Office 2019/AMD Radeon R3 Graphics), 14-cm0123au

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Another laptop that is loaded with budget friendly features is HP 14 pentium gold laptop This model is powered with an Intel Pentium 4417U processor that has a good clock speed of 2.3GHz and 2MB cache memory. It is dual core powered laptop.  

It is provided with pre-installed Windows 10 Home Operating system with lifetime warranty.  

It is Provided with 4GB DDR4 RAM. It has Intel HD 620 Graphics Processor and storage of 256GB SSD. As we know that SSD is much faster than the HDD. Which means if you install applications in your SSD then they will be running faster on your laptop.

A 256GB SSD at this price is quite a good deal. It will not only give you a fast performing experience, but will also be able to store your data including media files. However, if you need more storage anytime, then you can always buy a HDD which you can use externally.    

Having a Full HD WLED 14 inch display laptop holds a good place making it into our list of best HP laptop.   


  • Budget friendly  
  • LightWeight laptop, it weighs only 1.4kg  
  • SSD is availabe.  


  • Processor is quite old        

6. HP 250 G7 15.6 Inch HD Laptop

HP 250 G7 15.6 inch Laptop (Core i3-7th Gen/4GB RAM/1TB HDD/DOS/DVD) Black/Grey

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This HP laptop variant comes with a 7th generation Intel core i3-7020U processor and a 15.6-inch HD display. The base processor speed is 2.3 GHz.The processor speed is an unit computational power per second, so if base speed of the processor is as high as 2.3 GHz then the various applications that are going to run will run seamlessly faster giving a better user experience.

The various processors like the gaming experience will not be hampered as the screen refresh rate is also very high. Embedded with integrated Intel HD Graphics, the integrated graphics card in HP 250 G7 will provide the best possible user interface . It carries 4GB DDR4 memory which again is an addition to the processing speed and computational speed in terms of volatile storage.      

And 1TB HDD storage provided with this model that enables you to store a large amount of data ranging from videos to photos and movies to documents and games. It comes with Preloaded Windows 10 Home which is a remarkably powerful operating system and it also has a life time validity. The weight of the laptop is 1.78kgs.  


  • It has good specifications at an effective price.
  • Lightweight laptop
  • Core-i3 processor that again contributes to great multitasking performance.


  • Battery life could be more. This model has an average battery life of 4 hours.

7. HP 245 14-inch HD Laptop

HP 245 6BF83PA 2018 14-inch Laptop (A6-9225/4GB/1TB/DOS/Integrated Graphics), Black

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This is the cheapest laptop in our list of best HP laptop under 30000 but this surely doesn’t make it the best one. Let’s look at it’s features. The model is powered by a 1.8GHz AMD A9-9225 processor and 4GB DDR4 RAM.   

The AMD A9-9225 processor is a multi-core processor from AMD .The processor 7th APU generation from 2018 is a product made to counter its intel counterpart the i3 processor.The display size as it comes from the name is 14-inch. HP 245 6BF83PA also loaded with AMD Radeon R4 graphics.   

The graphics of 1gb is present for facilitating the performance of the laptop. The model is the one of the best deals as far as computational power and processing is considered. This HP laptop under 30000 is loaded with great features bundled in pocket friendly price.  

Even for the college going students this a good product for coding and this HP laptop model  also facilitates faster execution of codes and results. The base frequency of this laptop’s processor is 2.6 GHz.  The weight of the laptop is 2.1kgs and sleek design makes it strong structure wise and makes it fit for a bit of rough handling.   


  • Budget friendly
  • Graphics processing unit will easily handle all your media requirements, excluding heavy gaming.
  • Loaded with a good processor at this effective cost.


  • It comes with DOS operating system.

8. HP 15 15.6-inch HD Laptop

HP 15 15q-dy0011AU 15.6-inch Laptop (A9-9425 Dual-Core/8GB/1TB/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics), Jet Black

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The specifications of the laptop are quite good and that is why it is listed in our list of best hp laptop under 30000. This HP model has an astonishing 15.6 HD display and 8GB DDR4 RAM. Talking about the processor, the HP 15 15q-dy0011AU has a 3.1 GHz AMD A9-9425 Dual core processor. The operating system is Windows 10.     

It has AMD Radeon R5 integrated graphic card. Which provides a brilliant gaming experience . The 1TB with 5400rpm hard drive gives you a powerful and faster experience in terms of data retrieval time as that is quite low. The laptop has a weight of 2.18 kgs.   

It has 1 lithium ion battery with 41 watt hour capacity and 3 lithium ion cell which provides an average battery time of 2-2.5 hours. It also has a dual speakers to provide you with exceptionally good sound superiority experience. A connecting USB port of bus 3.0 for faster rate of data transfer enables you to transfer files at an extraordinarily faster rate. The laptop has a screen with resolution of 1366×768 and is( HD ready).  


  • Specifications are better than most of the laptop under 30000.
  • Comes with AMD Radeon R5 graphic card, which is quite good.
  • Ram is 8GB DDR4 which contributes to greater performance.


  • weighs 2.18 Kg.

9. HP 15 15.6-inch HD Laptop

HP 15 da0389tu 15.6-inch Laptop (Pentium Gold 4417U/4GB/1TB HDD/Windows 10, Home/Integrated Graphics), Jet Black

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So, finally we have arrived at our last HP laptop variant. Let’s discuss HP 15 da0389u, which is yet another budget friendly laptop model. This laptop is not only useful for the students but also for the regular officer workers. Hewlet-pakward as we all know is quite popular in the laptop market not only for its performance but also for their sleek and durable laptop designs.

The HP 15 da0389u has durable and amazing looks. Talking about its specifications, its sleek design includes a 15.6 inch HD display. HP 15 da0389tu is loaded with an intel pentium gold 4417U processor that has an astonishing clock speed of 2.3 GHz. With this processor available in your laptops, you can easily perform various multi-tasking processes.

The 4GB DDR4 RAM will be quite enough to handle all your applications and will give an amazing performance experience. The integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics provides a rich viewing experience. It is capable of handling all your media, images, etc, smoothly. However, high-end gaming might not be possible.

It is loaded with 1TB HDD and Windows 10 operating system. The maximum resolution display of this hp laptop model is 1366X768.  


  • Can pretty much handle graphics requirements easily.
  • Sleek design
  • HD display


  • Not suitable for heavy gaming


We have listed some of the best HP laptops under 30000 that can fit to your budget as well as fulfill your requirements.   

Every laptop listed above has different features. For example one laptop may have a display size of 14 inch along with a 256GB SSD while the other laptop may carry a HDD and has display size of 15.6 inch.

So it totally depends on your requirement. To help you buy the best HP laptops for you we would suggest you to follow the steps below:

  • First of all you have to decide what is the display size that you want in your laptop. Do you want a 14-inch display laptop or a 15.6 inch display laptop, or display size doesn’t matter for you.
  • Then you should check your storage requirements. If you prefer SSD over HDD and have a plan to buy an external HDD in future if you need, then you should go for a laptop that has SSD in it. Most laptops provide 1 TB HDD, so if you prefer HDD then search for laptops that have HDD.
  • After that you should check for the RAM and processor. If you are getting RAM and a good processor at a price that fits to your pocket, then you should probably go for the design and weight of the laptop.

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