Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2019 (Reviews)

Here are the Ten Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 India 2019

Eureka Forbes Aquasure – Best Water Purifiers Under 10000

The stylish, compact looking water purifiers are suitable for your kitchen cabinet. The advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification process produces safe and clean water. The vast 6-liter storage capacity tank stores water for unlimited usage. The energy-saving mode option turns off the system once the tank is full.

The advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification technology is suitable for water from different sources such as borewell, tanker, and taps. The smart water purifiers have LED indicators which highlight the purification process, water indicator, inlet water pressure, and error mode.

The water purifiers are able to dissolve 90 percent of TDS assuring safe and clean water.  The water purifiers can be wall-mounted as well as placed on the kitchen countertop.


  • The 6000 litres cartridge life ensures longevity and durability.
  • The MTDS controller enhances the water taste.


  • The water gets overflowed.

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV – Best Product Under 10000 in 2019

Aristo comes with an elegant, modern exterior which adds style factor to your kitchen cabinet. The Aristo is designed with RO+UF technology to filter the unnecessary contaminations from the drinking water. The Aqua taste booster technology adds essential minerals and enhances the taste of the water.

The 7-litre water storage tank keeps water for both domestic purpose and drinking purpose. The LED indicators are blinked when the tank is full, low pressure and the purification process is turned on. The Aristo has undergoes 6-stage purification process to filter and eliminate unwanted particles from drinking water.

The 10-inch filter capacity is vast which ensures the trusted purification process. The water purifiers can be kept on the kitchen counter or mounted over the wall. The filter cartridge life is long-lasting.


  • The Child lock button provision on the water tap saves water from wastage.
  • The UV alert button prompts whenever the UV lamp fails to blink.


  • Need to check the TDS level of water during the demonstration.
  • The TDS level of water does not go along with the filtration technology.

Livpure Glo – Another Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India

Livpro Glo comes with the white sleek, thin and portable exterior. The Glo is designed with RO +UV filtration technology to eliminate harmful disinfectants and particles. The Mineralizer technology adds essential minerals to the drinking water and enhances the sweetness in the drinking water.

The large 7-litre storage tank stores water for unlimited consumption of water and can be used for cooking purpose as well. The LED indicators highlight the purification process, water level and turn on/off.  The 6-stage purification process produces safe and clean drinking water keeping your family’s health safe from polluting particles.


  • The converts 1500 ppm TDS level water into pure drinking water.
  • The water delivery capacity is assured up to 12 litre per hour.


  • The purifier has a water leakage issue.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus – Best Model Under Rs.10000

Aquaguard crystal plus have looked stylish, compact and fits into your kitchen cabinet. The Crystal is designed with UV filtration technology eradicating the harmful virus, bacteria and other particles from the drinking water. This product is suitable for water with fewer TDS levels.

The e-boiling technology reassures the purity of drinking water by destroying all the harmful particles from drinking water. Advanced mineral technology adds essential minerals and supplements into the drinking water to enhance the taste.

The Electronic monitor system scans the water at regular intervals and turns off the purifiers if there is any error in the purification process.


  • The Purifier switches off the UV lamp automatically when there is not used for more than 10 minutes.
  • The Backflush feature cleans the filter cartridges by removing the dirty water and ensuring safe drinking water.


  • The purifiers is not suitable for borewell water because of the mismatch in the TDS level.

KENT Maxx – Another Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 India 2019

The Kent Maxx has an aqua transparent design and looks stylish, suits any kitchen environment. The Kent is designed with UV + UF filtration technology process eliminating unnecessary particles from drinking water.

The vast 7-litre storage tank can store drinking water for later consumption purpose and cooking purpose. The storage tank is easily detachable for the easy cleaning process. The purifiers are controlled by the computerized operation.


  • The purifiers is constructed of food-grade plastic that shields the water quality.
  • The water leakage problem is prevented because of the push-fit design.


  • The water filter gets blocked.

HUL Pureit Advanced – Best Under 10000 in 2019

The White and Blue exterior looks stylish and adds beauty to your kitchen. The Pureit water purifiers come with RO+UV filtration technology to cleanse the drinking water from harmful particles. The Pureit water purifiers and purifies with 6-stage purification process to sanitate water from harmful and disinfectant particles.

The water purifiers are constricted of food-grade plastic that maintains the water quality. The 5-litre storage capacity water tank stores water for drinking and another cooking purpose. This product works well without a stabilizer.


  • The advanced voltage protection shields the electric fluctuation.
  • The Power saving mode makes the purifiers to stand-by when the tank is full.


  • The sediment filter is found leaking.

Aquatec plus Advance Plus – Best Cheap Under 10000 2019

Aquatec plus looks sleek, modern and suits your kitchen space. The Aquatec plus is designed with RO+UV+UF+TDS filtration technology cleanses the water from harmful particles and disease-causing organisms. This is suitable for water level up to 2000 TDS level and eliminates the hardness of water up to 90 percent.

The Reverse osmosis technology eradicates 99 percent impurities present in the drinking water. The filter cartridges have a durable and long life. The filter capacity is 15 litre per hour.


  • The sediment filter is used to remove dust, rusty particles.
  • The Built-in TDS technology adjusts the TDS level based on the water taste.


  • The internal filters get damaged.
  • The filter life is not durable.

I Dr. Aquaguard Classic – Affordable Water Purifiers Under 10000 India 2019

The Aquaguard classic looks aesthetic and carries new stylish look suitable to your kitchen space. The Aquaguard classic comes with UV filtration technology which filters out contaminants and harmful particles into the drinking water.

The Intelligent purity sensor technology regularly scans the water inside the purifiers. The e-boiling technology assures double safety for the consumer who drinks the water. E-Boiling technology totally destroys the infectants present in the water.


  • The mineral system adds essential minerals and nutrients into the drinking water and enhances the water taste.


  • The water sensor has issues.

UL Pureit Advanced RO+MF – Best Design Under 10k 2019

The Pureit advanced looks stylish, modern and suitable to your kitchen counter. The purifiers are made up of engineering grade plastic which is very much durable and protective as well. This material also comes under food grade which makes the water quality.

The pureit uses advanced RO+UV filtration technology which handles with any level of infectious and harmful particles present in the water. The purifiers can deal with the TDS level present in the water and remove the hardness present in the water. The purifiers eliminate 90 percent of dissolved solids present in the hard water.

The purifiers use RO+UV+MF purifying technology to work out in removing the unnecessary particles. The mineralizer technology adds essential mineral into the water and enhances the water taste. The purifiers stores water in the storage tank even when there is no electric connection.


  • The 5-litre storage tank stores water for later use and can be used for domestic and commercial purpose as well.


  • There is a noise disturbance in the purifier system.

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash

The growing range of purifiers from Eureka Forbes, the Aquasure water purifiers with efficient design comes with RO+UF filtration technology. The dual filtration process cleanses the water without any harmful infection, particles and other dust. The purifiers is designed to deal with hard water from 500 to 1000 TDS level.

The water purifiers look stylish with a burgundy exterior gloss finish. The 6-litre water storage tank stores water for later use in a day and can be used whenever needed. The purifiers accept any water source such as bore well, tanker, etc…The mineralizer adds essential minerals into the drinking water and enhances the water taste.

The smart energy-saving mode consumes less energy and automatically turns off the purifier power when the tank is full.


  • The purifiers are safeguarded from electric voltage fluctuation.


  • The RO+UF filtration technology is suitable only for bore well water whereas the RO+UF filtration technology is not suitable for other types of water.
  • The water leaks because of the RO non-auto-cut.

A Buying Guide to Water Purifiers

Water is the basic and necessary amenity in our day to day life. As a necessary existence for our life, consuming pure water is essential.

Water is the best natural source to drink which contains no fat, cholesterol. Nowadays, there are lot of contaminating and hazardous particles present in the drinking water.

Health authority professionals have a checklist to ensure the drinking water is safe:

  • PH
  • Colour
  • Hardness
  • TDS
  • Bacteria Growth

Water Purifiers is designed to purify the contaminated water and provide clean drinking water. The drinking water comes from various sources. It is important to choose the right filter system depending on the drinking water source.

Water Sources

The different sources of water available are municipal water, groundwater, bore well, tanker and other sources.

Municipal Water

The water provided from lake, river or municipal corporation. The municipal water contains TDS within 1-200 ppm range.

Ground Water

The water source is from bore well or tube well. The groundwater contains TDS within 200 to 2000 ppm. To shield your family health, you have to choose RO water purifiers.

Other Sources

The water provided from the tanker, bore wells or other sources. Since the water does not come from one reliable source, the TDS level varies.

The water may come from different sources, but it is tough to estimate the TDS (Total Dissolved salts) present in the drinking water. The TDS is estimated in PPM (parts per million).

The main constituents of TDS are Calcium, phosphates, nitrates, sodium, potassium, chlorine and iron.

The TDS is present more in groundwater and differs in other sources. The TDS transforms the taste of water. The regular consumption of drinking water with TDS can cause serious health issues since TDS contains harmful chemical particles.

In general, there are two types of water quality:

  • Soft water: Water with TDS level which has 150 to 300 ppm is regarded as soft water.
  • Hard water: If the drinking water is hard in nature, it is wise to choose RO based water purifiers.

According to World Health Organization, TDS level measured less than 300 mg/litre is excellent, between 300-600 mg/litre is good, between 600-900 mg/litre is average, 900-1200 mg/litre is not good. The TDS level more than 1200 mg/litre is totally deniable.

Filtration Types and Stages

Now let us have a look at the filtration technology inside the water purifiers:

UF Technology

The UF technology is suitable for water with less TDS level. The UF – Gravity based water purifiers have a vast storage tank that can store up to 13 litres.

The Gravity water purifiers utilize pressure filtration process to cleanse water. They are cost economic and does not require power electricity. The Gravity water purifiers can be easily placed in your kitchen cabinet and look stylish.

The only certified water purifiers to remove cysts, bacteria, dust, chemicals, and contaminants from the drinking water.

UV (Ultraviolet) Technology

The Ultraviolet water purification is an efficient method for removing infecting bacteria from the drinking water. The ultraviolet (UV) rays pierce harmful pathogens in the drinking water and eliminates disease-causing micro-organisms particles by taking action against its genetic DNA.

The UV technology totally eliminates and cuts down their reproduction capacity.

The UV systems produce 99.9 percent pure water destroying micro-organisms particles without changing the water taste.

UV technology requires very less amount of energy.

The only limitation is the UV technology fails to remove contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals. To resolve this issue, the UV system is paired up with RO technology.


Reverse Osmosis is the most convenient and efficient way to cleanse the water. The RO technology is suitable for water with TDS level 200 and 2000.

The RO technology suppresses the water hardness which is triggered by an excess of calcium, magnesium salts.

The RO technology is used to purify contaminated water because of fluoride, heavy metal and other harmful chemical content.

EAT (Electro Adsorption Technology)

EAT technology involves five stages of the purification process. The EAT technology is compatible with electric and non-electric water purifiers.

The EAT technology is suitable for water with less than TDS level with 500 ppm.

The five-stage purification process is able to eliminate sand, dirt, cysts, germs, bacteria, carbon granules, and other disease-causing particles.

The immersion of minerals enhances the water taste. The water filter life is durable and long-lasting.

Water Purifiers Types

Non-Electric with Storage

These water purifiers units have storage tanks to store water after it is cleansed through sediment and carbon filters. It can be used in places where water supply is not regular.

Non-Electric without Storage

Constructed of food-grade plastic, these water purifiers are directly connected to the water tap. They have a built-in candle-shaped filter that consists of a resin filter that has to be replaced once in a month. The water purifiers have UF and Activated Carbon filters that can run even without electricity.

They are also compact and personal water purifiers – water-bottle-sized, optimal active units that attract and remove waterborne pathogens.

The water purifiers are travel-friendly and able to produce pure water anytime.

Electric with Storage

Electric water purifiers are always attached to the water supply and run on power and electricity. They make use of sediment filters and water filters with UV or RO purification filtration systems, which will need electricity.

Electric without storage

Electrical water purifiers units also come without a storage tank. This type of water purifiers is quite popular – many water purifiers went viral through the 1990s were of this type.

The Electrical water purifiers without a storage tank are useful in places that have a continuous and reliable supply of electricity throughout the year i.e in the long run. The filtration quality is best just like the storage capacity.

Storage Capacity

The UV and RO water purifiers system run only on electricity. So the households who face frequent power shut down should prefer buying a water purifier with storage tank.

The storage tank assures the consumption of clean drinking water. The user needs to choose the water purifiers capacity based on their utilization.

  • Up to 7 litre
  • 7-14 litre
  • 14 litre and above

Find the Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 India 2019?

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