7 Best Washing Machines in India 2019 (Reviews)

Your house will need a quality washing when you consider all the clothes that your household will handle in a typical week. A useful washer will ensure the clothes in your home are cared for well and that everything in your place is clean and spotless.

There are many models to choose from with many prominent brands offering these products. You’ll have to look well at how many great models are available, but you’ll have to look well at the ways how these products are different from one another.

Here are the Seven Best Washing Machines India 2019

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully - Best Washing Machines India

The attractive look of this Samsung Best Washing Machines India model is appealing, but a big point to notice here is that this Samsung model features a diamond drum that produces a soft curl layout. The design uses smooth ridges that ensure your clothes will not snag or tie up on the inside. A durable filter also traps lint and other items inside the washer in moments.

You can utilize one of six washing programs on this model. The 6.2 kg capacity ensures you’ll have extra support with getting your washing efforts handled well.

You can also find Samsung machines under 15000 and its one of the Best selling in the history of Amazon India.


  • The motor is powerful enough to handle intense rotations
  • Can work with five water levels
  • A center jet allows water to flow with ease


  • Requires an extra amount of water for this to work
  • Takes extra time for full operation

Haier 5.8 kg Fully

The 5.8 kg capacity of best washing machines India to provides enough room for average couples to utilize. The 1000 rpm rotor also produces a better spin speed, thus reducing the amount of time needed for getting your clothes to dry all the way.

The automatic design of a Home product is important to note as they also comes under 10000 making them as the cheapest fully model in the market. The machines to provides individual programs for jeans, gentle fabrics, and for spin cycle needs. The variety of cleaning options utilized here provides you with extra support for all your cleaning demands.


  • Fuzzy Logic Control measures the load and the washing time.
  • The pulsating motions produced will ensure the clothes are not going to tangle up.
  • The single drum works for washing and drying.


  • Takes a bit to handle some liquid detergent materials
  • The machines can vibrate on occasion

LG 6 kg Inverter Fully - Another Best Washing Machines India

The LG is ideal for couples or bachelors, this 6 kg model from LG uses the 6 Motion Direct Drive system to move the washing drum in many directions. This provides the fabrics in the machines clean while not adding more stress on the surface than necessary. The inverter belt drive also works with no belts or pulleys involved.

You can use the heater on the inside to heat water up to 60 degrees Celsius. This is great for when you’re looking to remove difficult stains from your clothes during the washing process.

I'm proud to say, i use this model for my home and recommend them among Best since they comes with smart inverter technology.


  • Auto Restart keeps the machines from moving its place due to a power short
  • The stainless steel drum is rust proof
  • Tub cleaner heats water at 85 degrees Celsius to clean the drum


  • May not work well with some stains that have settled in

LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully

Your next choice for a best washing machines India is a little different in that it features a top loading body and is slightly larger in capacity. The door closes slowly and never bangs on the surface, thus ensuring you have more control over how well the product works. Meanwhile, three small pulsators work inside the move the laundry in many directions and getting your materials to move well.

The TurboDrum feature also provides a more powerful washing setup that is not hard to utilize. The water stream works with the rotating drum moving in the opposite direction to allow water to flow well. This provides a better that will be easy to manage in a matter of moments without being too rough on use.


  • The Tub Clean feature heats the unit in moments for quick cleaning
  • The stainless steel drum ensures a long life without rust
  • Uses three smart motions for cleaning needs


  • Does not use as many cleaning options as with other models

Bosch 6 kg Fully - Another Best Washing Machines India

You can also use this Bosch Machines with a speed of 800 rpm with producing better cleaning results with a faster drying time. The Active Water feature is useful for automatically adjusting the water level based on the laundry weight and the fabric being utilized. This will getting a better control over your wash without possibly being at risk of your fabrics being harm.

Similar to their Best Stand Mixers in India and other Dishwashers, Bosch  too powered by German Engineering manufactured from its Chennai factory.


  • Operates at a quiet sound rate of 49 dB
  • 0.3 bar water pressure is low enough to work in most situations
  • The drum cleaner feature removes lint and residues to keep your fabrics safe


  • Takes an extra bit for water to get in to the drum

IFB 6.5 kg Fully

IFB makes this next choice for various specific needs. The eight water level options work well to get more cleaning efforts managed without struggles. The Aqua Spa Therapy feature is used to wash fast without being too hard to use. The 3D Wash System also soaks clothes well to produce a cleaner and more effective washing.

Owing to the high performance and durability of Bosch and LG, they fare top in our list of front loading Best Washing Machines India 2019.

The automatic softener dispenser also helps you to getting your softener applied in your wash before you start. This produces a cleaner approach to getting your wash ready in moments. A triadic pulsator also used to dislodge dirt from various corners of your fabric, thus giving you more control over the washing process.


  • Offers a four-year warranty on both the product and motor
  • Includes a separate dispenser for bleach use
  • The crescent moon drum provides a good body for handling the cycling needs


  • The 720 rpm spin speed is lower than what many other similar models offer

IFB 6 kg Fully - Affordable Washing Machines India 

The last of the best washing machines India comes with a crescent moon drum design. The drum design uses a series of smooth grooves to produce a better water cushion that will keep fabrics from possibly being damaged. The washing and rinse cycle that works here as well allows for a full soaking and a clean wash all around.

A float ball valve setup also lets water out of the washer while allowing the detergent to stay in. The design ensures you will not waste water. An automatic balance system detecting the flow of water in your washer while ensuring a stable approach to the washing without the surface possibly wearing out.


  • Includes a rapid wash option for faster cleaning needs
  • Can work with a mix of fabrics at a time


  • The 800 rpm spin speed can be slow when compared with other models

Choosing From the available best Washing Machines 

All of the options you have to work with when finding a machines in India are useful in many ways. Be aware of what choices are available so you will find something that works well for your needs. You will need a great machines to give yourself the help you need with keeping the things in your home comfortable and clean all the way around.

Washing Machines Buyers Guide India

There are many washing machine brands and models available in the market. Here we have to discuss things to consider before choosing a Washing machine that considers while you buy. The washing machine needs to decide according to the washer type, efficiency, space constraint, water flow, manufacturer.

Types of Washing Machines

Washing Machines save time and energy that you spend on washing your clothes. In the market, there are many types available, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, top load and front load, washer only and dryer only.

The Semi-automatic washing machines comes with a dual drum which is used for washing and drying separately. The water needs to be filled manually, after washing needs to be shifted to the dryer. The washing consumes less water and power. 

Fully automatic washing machines supports to do your work at a single touch. The washing machine is designed with a single drum that does all it work like washing, rinsing and drying. It comes in two different models front and top load.

The front-loading washing machines , clean effectively and consume less water and energy, the door of the washing is transparent, the temperature can be varied according to the fabric. 

The top loading washing machines, consumes lesser space, it is cost-effective, easy to add or remove. Dresses can be loaded in the top without bending down. The disadvantage is the water flow must be constant, difficult to shift to other places.

The washer only washing machine does only washing and rinsing, it is semi-automatic the water needs to be added manually, they are compact that consumes lesser space and cost-effective.

The dryer only washing machine dry dresses effectively than automatic machines, the cloth loading capacity is more compared to other washing machines. It prevent the entry of dust, growth of germs and maintains from cloth fading.

Top Loading Vs Front Loading Washing Machines

The washing machine make your washing work easier, the main category of washing machine available in the market is a fully automatic washing machine, which comes in top loading and front loading. 

The difference between them is:

  • Door position -  Adding load either top or front way
  • Capacity - The front-loading washing machine can add load more than top load
  • Space - Top loading washing machine occupies less space due to its narrow design
  • Power and water consumption - The top-loading washing machine consumes less power and water than front load machines.
  • Cost - The top-loading washing are economical compared to front load.

Advantages of top-loading washing machines

  • The top-loading washing machine is affordable compared to front load
  • They are compact and consumes less space
  • The dresses can be added or removed during the mid-cycle
  • The operations of the washing machine are simple and can be easily accessed by all
  • The Cleaning cycle is shorter
  • The maintenance cost is less

Disadvantages of top-loading washing machines

  • The water consumption is more compared to front load
  • The washing programs are less compared to front load

Advantages of front loading washing machines

  • The water consumption is lesser since they adjust according to wash mode consumes less electricity
  • The washing programs are more, can be adjusted according to the fabric material
  • Steam washing option washing with tough stains
  • Washes in low noise
  • Contains Transparent door

Disadvantages of front loading washing machines

  • Expensive compared to the top load washing machine
  • Consumes more space for washing machine
  • Can’t add dresses in the mid-way

Fully Automatic Vs Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Here we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of a fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machine.

Advantages of Fully automatic machines

  • Using fuzzy logic button according to the load the sensor decides the water quantity, detergent, and timing
  • Consumes less power that saves your electricity bill
  • Remove stains effectively

Advantages of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

  • There is no need for permanent water supply
  • Consumes less water for washing

The disadvantages of Fully Automatic Washing Machines

  • Expensive compared to the semi-automatic washing machine
  • Direct permanent water supply required
  • Load cannot be added or removed during wash time

The disadvantages of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

  • Requires manual operation of modes
  • Water needs to be filled manually
  • For drying need to dry manually.

The washing machine capacity can be chosen according to your family size: 

  • Couples - capacity may vary from 5-6Kg
  • 3 members - Capacity may vary from 6-7kg
  • 4 members - Capacity may vary from 7-8kg
  • Larger family - capacity can vary from 8-9kg

The below chart shows the capacity for each category. 

  • The ideal capacity for couples is 5Kg which can washes 2 shirts, 2 trousers, 1 bedsheet, 2 towels, and 2 pillowcases.
  • The capacity for 3 and 4 members are 7kg that can washes 3 shirts, 3 trousers, 1 bedsheet, 2 towels, 2 pillowcases. 
  • The machine capacity for a large family is 10kg that can load 3 shirts, 3 trousers, 2 bedsheets, 6 towels, 6 pillowcases.

The price of washing machines are:

  • Semi-automatic machines price varies from 6,000 - 12,000
  • Top loading machines price varies from 9,000 - 36,000
  • Front loading price varies from 20,000 - 80,000
  • Washer only machines price varies from 10,000 - 45,000
  • Dryer only machines price varies from 3,000 - 40,000

The washing features differ with various washing models and brands:

  • spinning speed -The spin speed is measured using rpm that decides washing and drying speed. This removes water and moisture from clothes and drum, it dries faster and quicker.
  • Inverter technology - The inverter technology reduces motor sound, vibration and improves motor durability, this consumes lesser power and increases performance
  • The wash programs - It varies according to the washing machine brand according to the wash type and cloth being washed like a heavy wash, quick wash, kids wear, silk, cotton, bedsheets, inner garments, fuzzy logic, delay start, steam wash, auto restart, pre-soak, and detergent.
  • Drum-type - The various drum type used for the washing machine is plastic, enamel, stainless steel. 
  • inbuilt heater - The inbuilt heater supports to adjust the temperature according to the wash, the hot water makes better washing and removes tough stains
  • Auto Restart - the auto-restart mode record the timing and restarts when there are voltage fluctuation and power shutdown.
  • Detergent - The detergent used for washing also decides the washing quality.
  • LCD - The LCD benefits to view the wash mode, timer and stage of Washing.
  • Child Lock - To avoid children from changing the mode or cause any malfunctioning 
  • Lint filter - Removes the lint.

Washing modes that are available in various washing machine models:

  • The Heavy wash mode washes heavy loads,.
  • Quick wash mode washes faster that saves energy and water.
  • The fuzzy logic model automatically senses the washing machine load.
  • Delay start mode customizes washing according to your convenience
  • Steam wash removes stains and odor.
  • Pre-soak mode soaks heavy load to make washing easier.
  • Additional features of washing machine come with separate mode for washing kids wear, silk sarees, cotton dress, heavy bed sheet washing, and inner garments 

Things to Look Before Buying A Washing Machine

  • Cost - This is an important point that needs to be taken before buying a washing machine, the budget needs to be decided
  • Efficiency - The efficiency of the washing machine needs to be considered before choosing, that it must consume less power and water that it saves your bill and maintenance cost.
  • Capacity - The capacity of the washing machine needs to be considered according to the family member size
  • Water supply - According to the water supply whether permanent or temporary the washing machine needs to be decided whether semi or fully automatic
  • Purpose - According to the purpose of washing need you to decide among semi-automatic, fully automatic, washer only, dryer only
  • Drum material - The material of the drum made of either plastic, porcelain-enamel or stainless steel.
  • Washing modes - As per the cloth load, the washing mode has to be customized. Which need to be considered.
  • Maintenance - The service that the manufacturer provides after-sales. The routine maintenance has to be to improve washing machine performance
  • Warranty - The warranty guide you to rectify any fault in the machine
  • Installation - The washing has to installed by the manufacturer service person to make sure proper water, power and drain supply

Best Washing Machines Brands In India

The washing machines is a great support for your day to life and wash your dresses efficiently and clean. There are many types of washing machines available in market semi automatic, top loading fully automatic, front load fully automatic, washer and dryer only. Here we have discussed about “ Best Washing Machines Brands in India” that guides to decide the best brand to choose.

The top brands available in the market are:

  • LG s
  • Samsung washing machine
  • IFB 
  • Onida 
  • Panasonic 
  • Haier 
  • Bosch 

Now you can look at the each company.

LG washing machines are popular brand that provided satisfying products and service. They provide products that are budget friendly and doesn’t compromise on quality.  The washing machine types available in LG are semi-automatic, front load fully automatic and top load fully automatic washing machine. The washing machines upgrades it model according to the customer needs and requirements.

  • Inverter direct technology - This doesn’t require any belt to connect motor and drum, they are connected directly. This design reduce the noise, vibration and consumes less power
  • 6 Motion direct drive - It helps to maintain fabric quality and color. The wash modes are tumble, stepping, scrubbling, swing, rolling, filtration
  • Smart diagnosis - The application connected with your mobile to inform the fault and rectify it on the spot through remote connectivity
  • Twin washing - It comes with two separate drum main and mini section. The main section can accommodate clothes upto 20kg and mini section to load delicate like undergarments, kids wear, handkerchiefs, scarves etc. 
  • Turbo wash - This uses twin jet spray that uses fast water spray to clean. This technique to keep clothes free from germs and allergies

Samsung is a leading South Korean company which provide the best home appliance models. The categories of washing machines from Samsung are semi automatic, front load fully automatic, top load fully automatic and wash only machines. 

  • Eco Bubble - This agitates the detergent and increases the foam, this to remove the tough stains easily even with normal water
  • Addwash - This technique enables you to add load intermediate during washing time
  • Diamond Drum - The diamond designed drum to maintain quality, reduces the lint occurrence, prevents trapping
  • Flex wash - This contains 2 drum that makes washing quicker and clean. The main load can accommodate upto 21 kg, can wash heavy and mini load can accommodate upto 3.5kg which can wash like socks, handkerchiefs, undergarments
  • Air wash - This technology makes you to remove the bad odour and removes germs and microorganisms
  • Silver wash - this to sanitize using silver wash.
  • VRT+ - This vibration reduction technology plus to reduce vibration and noise occurred from motor

IFB washing machines comes with world class quality that provides best models. The models of washing machine uses modern technology that are upgraded ever time. The categories of washing machines are front load, and top load.

  • Air Bubble Wash - The fast air bubble to remove tough stains and dirt
  • Aqua Energie - This technology energies water and to dissolve detergent with water.
  • Crescent moon drum - This drum design to wash without damaging the cloth quality
  • 3D Wash - This sprays water on 3D direction to improve washing quality
  • Auto balance system - This technique to distribute perfectly and rejects additional
  • Cradle wash - To wash delicate , preventing from harshness from detergent and make perfect
  • Ball valve technology - This to prevent from detergent residue
  • Steam wash - This to use inbuilt heater to heat water to remove tough stains

Onida washing machines are top selling brand in home appliances and are budget friendly. The washing models comes with semi-automatic, top load fully automatic, front load fully automatic models.

  • Diamond flower drum - This drum design to make perfect washing by maintaining the fabric quality and color
  •  Auto Unbalance detection - this technique to distribute evenly before it starts washing
  • Turbo drying - This to make spinning speed faster,  dry quicker and removes moisture from drum
  • Anti-Bacterial wash - This to prevent bacterial growth and provides hygiene wash
  • Fuzzy Logic - This automatically senses the load in the washing machines and decides the water flow and washing time
  • Drum Clean - This to clean the drum from lint and detergent residue.
  • Express wash and night wash - This technique to make washing faster that saves your time, the night wash make washing without making noise

Panasonic washing machines are designed from Japan that manufactures large home appliances. The categories of washing machines are semi automatic, top load fully automatic, front load fully automatic.

  • Active foam - The active foam technology to wash clothes without affecting cloth quality. The technique occurs in three steps : Foam generation, foam penetration, foam regeneration
  • Foam generation produce foam by concentrating water and detergent, foam penetration to penetrate foam throughout , foam regeneration this performs washing and removes tough stains
  • Gentle hand wash - This technique used to prevent from detergent harshness
  • Aqua beat technology - The aqua beat technique to remove dirt without consuming more energy and water source. The technique takes place in 3 ways beat wash, rain wash, toss wash
  • Dual pulsator - Make cleaning in all directions.
  • Smart Inverter motor - This provides better motor performance

Haier is an Chinese brand that provides leading home appliance. The Haier washing machine performs washing when the water pressure is low hence it is equipped with NZP - Near zero pressure. The types are front load and top load fully automatic washing machines.

  • Double level spin tub - The washing machines comes with double tub, the bottom tub to drain water and top tub to drain lint and detergent residue 
  • Quick wash technology - Wash clothes faster and saves energy and time
  • Quadra flow pulsator - This to rotate drum in multi-direction  turbulence that helps to wash in all directions, it will removes dirt and stain easily.
  • Anti bacterial technology - This to make washing 99.9% free from germs and bacteria growth
  • Near zero pressure technology - This technology to operate washing machines even with low water pressure
  • Laser Seamless welding technology - This technology design to provide improved strength, durability and reliability 
  • A+++ Energy consumption - This technique to save power and provides best performance

Bosch washing machines are manufactured from German that provides best home appliance products. They provide better washing quality, consumes less energy and upgrades with modern technology. The categories  are top load, front load washing machines and dryer only.

  • Variodrum - The wave droplet design to wash gently and variodrum wash and rotates clothes in all directions
  • Active water plus - This technology to consume less water and contains 256 load sensing levels to optimise the water 
  • Eco Silent drive - This technology to reduce the motor friction, consumes lesser power consumption and noise
  • VarioPerfect - The varioperfect technology that to optimize washing, it comes with two options speed perfect and eco perfect
  • The speed perfect technology to make washing speeder and saves your time and eco perfect technique perform an eco-friendly operation that saves 66% of energy
  • iDOS - This technology senses the hardness of water and clothes dirt, it optimizes the quantity of detergent for the clean washing.

Washing Machine Technologies

LG Washing machines are a leading brand in home appliances. The LG washing machines come with semi-automatic, top load automatic, front load automatic. LG is known for its innovation in products and upgrades at every interval of time to improve your lifestyle.

The advanced technologies that are been used in LG washing machine models are NFC, True steam, Inverter direct drive, Auto prewash, Turbo drum, Turbo wash, Twin wash, 6 motion DD technology, Punch+3 pulsator are discussed below in detail. This will ease to know more about LG products.

Near Field Communication is an advancement in the LG washing machines. The Smart diagnosis application must be installed with the user mobile that is been connected remotely with the washing machines. When you press the button on the washing machines the special tomes are transmitted to the smart diagnosis app which detects the tones are pre-installed with the application, this to find the fault in the washing machines and solve the problem through the application itself. This to reduce the time that we wait for a service person to come and find the issue. The NFC technique to solve faults instantly when the fault is at the initial stage itself.

The recent smartphones have the option to activate NFC and direct an android beam feature from your phone settings. Once the NFC is activated, now install the smart diagnosis app and connect the mobile application and washing machines through the wireless medium in mobile, this setup will automatically connect mobile with washing machines.

The true steam technology is used to remove germs and bacteria that cause allergies in clothes. The steam wash removes tough stains and maintains the quality. The steam button in the washing machines to activate the mode for steam washing, this will adjust the time of washing according to the cloth load. This true steam takes place in two cycles - Allergiene and tub clean. The Allergiene cycle to remove the allergy-causing germs and keeps it free from germs growth. The tub clean to clean the drum using steaming and removes moisture, mold and bad odor, this cycle must be done when the washing drum is empty since it may affect quality. LG dryer is also equipped with a steam feature to sanitize them while drying.

The other advanced technology used in the LG washing machines is the inverter direct drive technique. The inverter technology to decide the motor speed according to the load in the washing machines, in other washing machines models the motor speed is fixed whatever may be the washing load. The inverter technique uses magnetic induction to spin the drum to reduce the vibration and noise, this technique provides maximum power efficiency.

The direct-drive technology connects motor with the drum directly without any additional connection like a belt or pulley, this setup to consume less energy during the mechanism that results in reduced electricity bills.

The pre-wash mode makes extra wash time before starting the normal wash that removes tough stains easily. When the dresses are soiled more like sportswear, yard work, muddy dresses, construction work clothes, the prewash mode to used to removing the stain and maintains the cloth quality. The kid's dresses can also be washed using prewash mode. The prewash mode activates the additional soak cycle which in turn soak and loosens the stains that to wash easily. The delicate like undergarments, kids wear, bedding materials can also be washed using prewash mode. This maintains the quality and color of the material.

The turbo wash technology to make washing faster using power motion wash action that reduces the washing time, also it uses steam wash tom to remove tough stains. The technique uses twin jet spray that makes water sprinkle in all directions to wash away the dirt, stain from clothes and excess detergent. The mechanism uses high pressured atomizing and centrifugal motion that helps to dissolve detergent easily that help to make fast rinsing and spin time. The turbo wash mode consumes less power that in turn reduces the electricity bill.

The turbo drum also to keep the drum moisture-free, keeps germ free and sanitize the drum. The dual direction rotation of the drum used to wash by maintaining the fabric quality, also it reduces the tangling of clothes in the drum. The turbo drum increases the susceptible that reduces from wear and tear by increasing the durability and washing machines. It also uses forced steaming to clean the drum to avoid germ growth and allergies causing bacterial growth. The turbo drum makes the rotation of the drum in the opposite direction pulsator washing that makes effective washing and efficiently saves water and power.

The twin wash technology washing machines come with a dual drum, main drum, and mini drum. The main drum washes generally up to capacity if 20 kgs, the mini drum to wash clothes which are delicate for washing like undergarments, socks, handkerchiefs, and scarfs, it takes care of delicate and maintains its quality and color. The twin wash technology to wash effectively and perform separate washing space for delicate. The main drum can wash heavily soiled clothes using a separate drum, also it can accommodate more for washing. This increases the efficiency and durability of the washing machines.

The 6 motion DD technology to customize the washing according to the fabric being washed. The direct drive technique connects the motor and drum directly which improves the performance of washing. The LG washing machines use 6 different motion to wash clothes, the 6 motion takes place in tumble, stepping, scrubbing, swing, rolling, filtration actions. 

  • The tumble wash uses low spinning speed and rotates in the horizontal direction that prevents from tumbling of dresses in the drum, to dissolve detergent using high concentration. 
  • Steeping motion to step up from top to bottom to make effective washing that improves the durability
  • Scrubbing to maximize the contact between the fabric and inner drum that balances washing
  • Swing to wash from the horizontal to the vertical direction that makes washing easier
  • Rolling to rotate in multi-direction that releases dirt and stain
  • Filtration to remove the lint and detergent residue 

The punch+3 technology to wash like hand washing, it removes stubborn stains and maintains fabric quality. It to wash as you wash with your hands, it removes stubborn stains and cares you to maintain fabric quality and color. The technique to fight on tough stains and removes it easily.

Samsung is a leading home appliance producing a brand that is manufactured in South Korea. The products are designed with reliability, assured product brands and varieties. The Samsung products are upgraded for advancement. The technologies used in the Samsung washing machines are Ecobubble, Flex wash, Diamond drum, Add wash, Air wash, Silver nanotechnology, Vrt+ technology, ceramic heaters, activewash +, volt control and smart control app.

The Eco bubble technology to wash clothes using agitated bubbles even at low temperatures. The technique behind the eco bubble is the detergent is converted into bubbles that are inflated, the bubbles penetrate inside to remove stains and dirt. This technique to make clean washing and cares to maintain quality. The bubble soaks technology to soak using bubbles to make washing easier and remove stains completely. The bubbles don’t make harsh and maintain the fabric quality. This to wash delicate that makes soft washing, complete washing faster and saves energy.

The flexWash technique to have both types of washing machines in a single model that washing more comfortable. The washing machines come with a front-loading capacity of 21 kgs and top-loading of 3.5 Kgs. The front-loading to wash heavy like dresses, blankets, bedsheets, etc and top-loading wash lightweight items like socks, kerchiefs, inner garments, etc. The washing machines are designed with a single water supply that separates inside and to wash without tagging and saves energy to wash separately. This design doesn’t consume extra power or water it utilizes the same as single load washing.

The diamond drum technology comes with 25% smaller holes that designed in between diamond-shaped design, which prevents from sticking over or gets damaged. The embossed washboard to prevent harmful effects and takes care completely which increases the fabric life. The diamond drum design also to protect from trapped over in the drum.

The Samsung washing machines come with Addwash technology that helps to add clothes in between the wash time that you have forgotten to add in the start. The Addwash door can be opened when the drum temperature is below 50-degree Celcius. The washing machine also allows for adding clothes that you need to rinse or spin alone. If you have forgotten to add fabric softener at the start of the cycle, the AddWash technique helps you to add in between the wash time.

The Airwash technology adds hot air inside the washing machines and to remove the foul smell, allergy-causing microorganisms, bacterial growth, and dust. There is no need for using detergent or any chemical to clean the drum. The hot air penetrates inside the stained clothes and removes the stain easily. There are two modes for Airwash - Deodorization and sterilization. The deodorization to remove the bad odor from clothes and sterilization keep clothes free from bacterial growth.

The washing machine comes with silver nanotechnology that reduces mold and bacteria. The technology also prevents items from bacteria and keeps clothes fresh and increases durability. The silver nanotechnology performs in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: The wash releases silver ion during the cycle, the pulsator is equipped with silver ceramic crystals that melt during the wash.
  • Stage 2: The silver ions that are emitted from silver ions penetrate the clothes during the wash and rinse cycle
  • Stage 3: The clothes are protected from bacteria and microorganisms

The vibration reduction technology plus is an improved technique to prevent the washing machine from whirring and vibration. This technology also prevents noise disturbance, which makes washing balance stable. This technology to make washing with minimal noise and vibration

The washing machines come with ceramic heaters that prevent the deposition of calcium compounds. The repeated calcium deposit increases power consumption that results in increased electricity bills. There is special detergent to dissolve calcium deposits to maintain energy consumption.

The activwash+ technology comes with a dedicated sink that soaks that prevent from heavy stains and removes stains easily. This comes with a built-in water jet to wash clothes and maintains cloth fabric and color.

The volt control technique to maintain the voltage fluctuations that affect the washing machine's efficiency and durability. The voltage fluctuation affects the appliance's life, hence volt control is installed. The washing machine stops washing when there are voltage fluctuations and restarts when the voltage becomes stable.

This smart control app to connect the washing machines with a mobile phone using WiFi connectivity. This application controls the washing machines cycle and finds the fault in the machines. This helps to rectify the fault remotely through the application itself. This saves energy and time, which avoids time to wait for the service person to come.


With our above guide on Best Washing Machines in India 2019, we are recommending the best available products in the market based on global sales data, real customer reviews, post-sales services operations and much more essential things with single most aim of recommending the best thing to our customers.

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