6 Best Washing Machine Under 30000 India 2019

The washing machines come in different models and brands with various significant features. Choosing the best washing machine among them is a big challenge, here we have discussed “Best Washing Machine Under 30000” that helps to get a detailed view of models and guide you take the right decision.

Here are the Six Best Washing Machine Under 30000 India 2019

Bosch 7 Kg WAK24268IN - Best Washing Machine Under 30000 India

This Bosch model is the best washing machine under 30000 comes with fully automatic front-loading that has a washing capacity of 7 kg that is suitable for family members of 4. The rotating speed is 1200rpm, the drum is designed with Vario Drum that washes gently and maintains quality. This model comes with 2 years of manufacturing warranty and 10 years motor warranty.

The active water system automatically senses the loading capacity and uses water and energy accordingly. The anti-vibration design prevents the machine from vibration. The programs in the machine are monsoon, super quick, hygiene, kids wear, delicate, wool, synthetic, drum clean.

The allergy plus mode keeps cloths hygienic and relief from allergies, the eco perfect mode consumes less power. The reload function mode load leftover clothes during the early stages of washing. Child lock prevents children from changing the modes, free water filter fit with any type of water taps.

The volt check stabilizes the voltage fluctuation. The temperature can be changed according to the clothes being washed.


  • 14 programming modes available
  • Reload function
  • Temperature can be varied


  • No lint filter
  • Delay start option not available

Panasonic 8 Kg NA-128XB1W01 - Cheapest Models Under 30000

This washing machine is built by Panasonic which is the best selling washing machine under 30000 with a fully automatic front-loading with the capacity of 8 kg that comes with 2 years manufacturing warranty and 5 years motor warranty. The programs available are intensive synthetic, delicate, spin, rinse and spin, mixed, bedding, denim, rapid wash, wash.

The modes in the LCD display are soaking, extra rinse, prewash, easy iron, eco. The spinning speed can be varied from 1200/1000/800/600/no spin also temperature can also be changed from 90/60/40/20/cold. The rapid wash saves time and energy that washes faster and used for daily wear clothes, pre-wash soak clothes and scrub like hand wash that removes stain easier, easy iron mode wash and spin clothes with lesser wrinkles that make ironing easier.

The tub clean mode cleans tub that protects from germs and harsh chemicals. The auto-restart mode pause when there are voltage fluctuation and power shut down and starts when it gets stable. The speed wash mode makes washing faster and saves energy, extra rinse mode wash away detergent residue and lint that keeps fresh.


  • The rapid wash modes make washing quicker
  • Extra rinse mode keep the tub clean and fresh
  • The temperature can be varied
  • The spinning speed can be altered


  • Separate lint filter not available

LG 6 Kg FH0H3NDNL02 - Another Best Washing Machine Under 30000 India 2019

This model is the perfect washing machine under 30000 comes with fully automatic front-loading with a capacity of 6 Kg that is suitable for 2 members. The motor rotating speed is 1000 rom that makes fast washing and drying. The drum is made of stainless steel that prevents germ, microorganisms, and rust. The advanced feature is the direct drive technology.

The temperature can be varied from cold/20/30/40/60/95 degrees celsius and spinning speed can be varied from 1000/800/600/400/no spin. The smart diagnosis rectifies any fault through the application itself which saves unnecessary visiting time. 

This washing machine has 6 motion control technology wash clothes in multiple directions and keeps clothes clean and protects from touch stain, the inverter drive technology connects drum and motor directly that works on low noise and reduces from vibration and tagging of clothes.

The waterproof touch panel operates even in wet hands, auto restart resumes functioning after voltage stabilization, the heater removes the tough stains and germs using heated water. Smart diagnosis rectifies the problem using smart think application on the spot and saves time and money. The tub clean mode cleans a washing machine that keeps hygienic and prevents dirt.


  • Keeps clothes clean and hygienic prevent allergies
  • 6 motion technology used in washing
  • waterproof touch panel

Bosch 6.5 Kg WAK20166IN - Best Prices For Under 30000

The Bosch model is a best-gifted washing machine under 30000 comes with a fully automatic machine with a capacity of 6.5 kg that is preferred for 4 family members. The spinning motor spinning speed is 1200rpm with the highest speed, fastest drying, and eco silence drive motor designed.

The drum is designed is Vario Drum that ensures fabric quality and antivibration design that washes clean and maintains cloth color. The active water saves water according to laundry weight with load sensors, the antivibration design reduce the vibration and increases stability. The volt check maintains voltage fluctuation and current variations. 

The drum clean remove the lint and detergent residue that increases durability. The noise level is very low during laundry, the reload function add clothes during washing. The safety precautions are child lock and hold when you open the door.

The water filter helps to fit all taps. The programming modes are super 15/30 minutes, monsoon, sari, hygiene, kidswear, drum clean, rinse, super clean, synthetics, daily wash, delicate and wool. The super 15/30 wash helps to washes quickly and saves time, wash and energy. The temperature can be varied according to cloth wash, the speed can be varied and the water plus technique saves water.


  • Advanced technique active water, super 15/30 wash
  • Maintain cloth quality and color of the material
  • The temperature and speed can be varied to the wash


  • Cloth softener is not available
  • Only 6 kg can be washed though drum size is 7kg

IFB 8 Kg Senator Aqua SX - Lowest Price In Under 30000

This IFB model is the most trusted and best washing machine below 30000 comes with the fully automatic front-loading machine which saves water and energy with a loading capacity of 8 kg which is suitable for a family of members of 5 that comes with 4 years of manufacturing warranty and 4 years of motor warranty.

The motor rotating speed is 1400rpm that makes washing clean and dries quickly. The washing is made on-air bubble wash system that cleans clothes using agitated foam,this delivers clean clothes and removes stubborn stains.

The aqua energie system wash clothes using hard water by maintaining cloth quality, the 3D wash make washing in all directions. The drum is designed with a crescent moon drum that protects the cloth and prevents lint and tagging.

It helps to add clothes on the midway, the tub clean technique makes clean and hygienic, it removes bacteria, fungal growth and removes bad odour from the clothes. The temperature can be varied according to the wash  95, 60, 40, 30 and cold.

The spinning speed can be varied from 1400, 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400 and no spin. The safety precautions are child lock, high voltage protection, and resumes when you open the front door. The LCD display helps to display washing mode, timing, and temperature. The time delay mode starts washing as per your convenience.  


  • The highest rpm can make washing faster and quicker
  • Presoaking option remove tough stains
  • The temperature and spinning can be altered


  • Only specified tap size can be connected

LG 7 Kg FHT1207SWL.ALSPEIL - Affordable Washing Machine Under 30000 India

This LG model is the best washing machine under 30000 in India that comes with SmartThinQ & Wi-Fi and Capacity of 7 Kg that is suitable for 5 members in a family. This model comes with 2 years warranty and a motor warranty of 10 years. The washing machine is equipped with 6 motion direct drive technology that washes clothes in all directions and makes a clean and hygienic wash.

The Inverter direct drive technology that makes washing directly through drum without using a belt and pulley that makes low noise and vibration. The drum is made of stainless steel that keeps free from rusting and washes clothes.

The steam wash removes germs and protects from pesticides and keeps clothes from allergies. The smartThinQ wifi starts washing clothes through wifi connectivity. The turbowash used to wash clothes faster and clean by saving energy and water.

The inbuilt heater helps to remove the tough stains and odour from clothes. The smart diagnosis helps to solve the machine problems using the smartThinkQ app. The safety precautions inbuilt in the washing machine are child lock and stops when you open the door is opened. The panels are made of waterproof that doesn’t affect operating. The true steam helps to dry clothes faster and keeps wrinkle-free.


  • 6 motion direct drive technology helps to wash clothes cleaner
  • The inverter direct drive technology 
  • Turbowash and true steaming


  • Softener facility is not available

Find the Best Washing Machine Under 30000 India 2019?

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