6 Best Tower Speakers India 2019

You’ll love having quality tower speakers in your home. Tower speakers help bring out all the noise from any movies, music, or whatever else it is you’re playing. You can use these speakers for a more immersive gaming experience. Today’s speakers are also designed to fit perfectly with your television set or anything else in your home entertainment system.

But the problem for some people is that they struggle to find good tower speakers because they assume they cannot afford these products. The truth is that you don’t have to waste lots of money trying to find useful tower speakers. You can find many models that aren’t hard to use when you want to make more out of your entertainment desires.

This guide will help you in finding the best quality tower speakers that you can use in your home. These include speakers you can get for less than Rs. 10,000. The options you’ve got to utilize here are useful for providing many ways to help you with keeping your audio connections working as well as they can. You should look at how well these products are useful for when you’re aiming to make the most out of any connection you want to move.

Here are the Six Best Tower Speakers India 2019

FD T-30X 2.0 Floor Standing Bluetooth Speakers

  • Features
  • 3D Surrounding Sound for Cinematic Entertainment
  • Supports Bluetooth A2DP Profile & various input types are Optical, Coaxial, USB, or Auxiliary cable. 
  • USB reader supports MP3/WMA dual format decoding.
  • Pairs Beautifully with Most TVs

This FD T-30X 2.0 model is the our first choice to look at Best Tower Speakers India for bass sound effect. The Bluetooth 4.0 connection standard used here is critical to its success. By using a Bluetooth 4.0 link, you’re accessing more enabled items while also ensuring your connection is free from a possible interference risk that might get in the way and harm the quality of the work.

The 3D surround sound feature is worth noting. The 3.5mm stereo audio input cable simplifies how well you can link items to the speaker set. The one-inch silk tweeter and three-inch full-range driver both make it easy for you to produce quality sounds all the way through.

The USB reader feature on the speaker set will read MP3 and WMA files directly from a unit. This gives you the opportunity to play things right away, although you should look at the quality of the device and the order of the content you’re working with.

You can use these speakers with a 60-inch television set. The layout will match up perfectly and provide a better sound setup all around.

Obage DT-2605 Multimedia Dual Tower Speakers

  • Features:
  • Deep and Real BASS makes it ideal for Bass lovers.
  • No background noise during bluetooth operation.
  • Soothing sound and high clarity makes it perfect for long duration listening without causing any fatigue.

The Obage speaker set works for about 250 square feet of closet space. You’ll benefit from this model if you’ve got a smaller room that needs a speaker set. The 6.5-inch subwoofers, 3-inch speakers, and 2.5-inch tweeters are large enough for such a room, but not overwhelming to where you would only benefit from the speakers if you played them real loud.

This Obage Speaker is best tower speakers in India for bass sound effect and it will not distort the vocals on your recordings. It will produce a deeper sound all the way through to create a more intense setup. The lower bass is boosted while the other forms of bass that you’re more likely to hear will stay flat. The design ensures your audio quality will remain intact and powerful all around.

The Bluetooth connection is helpful, but the most important part is that it does not produce background noise. You’ll have an easier time producing a connection without any distortion or other disruptions from the Bluetooth link.

Philips in-SPA 9060B/94 Tower Speakers

  • Features:
  • Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device
  • USB Direct for easy MP3 music playback
  • Fm tuner for radio enjoyment
  • 60W output power

You’ve got the option to use this set of Philips tower speakers with a Bluetooth connection or with a USB item plugged in the set. But there’s more to the speaker set than just being able to get a fast link going.

The 60W output power is suitable for smaller rooms. The control features on the top also help you with adjusting the volume, the music track you’re playing, and how the fader and equalizer feature work. The variety of controls ensures you’ll have an easier time producing quality sounds all around.

An FM tuner is included for helping you reach local radio signals. The top controls on one of the speakers provide a convenient design for use.

This model is Best Tower Speaker India which comes with compact designs on the speaker bodies also make it easier for you to playback music without disruption or other outside factors influencing the quality of your music. The setup is only 12 kg in weight, which is around half of what you might expect from other models.

Blaupunkt TS-100-BK 200 W 2.2 Channel Dolby Bluetooth Tower Speaker

  • Features:
  • Multiple connectivity options like HDMI, optical, USB , AUX-in and Bluetooth.
  • With the soft touch panel, you can easily control these speakers.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options, Equipped with Bluetooth, Digital Optical, HDMI (ARC), Coaxial, USB, and AUX-in,

The German company Blaupunkt has been heralded over the years for offering the best-quality speaker setups around. You can use a Blaupunkt speaker set for your home to get the best Dolby surround sound. The 200W model here produces a deep bass tone.

The 2.2-channel design comes with two separate speaker outputs on each tower. The subwoofer and tweet features ensure you’ll get a better response no matter what you’re playing. This Blaupunkt TS-100-BK 200 is One of the Best tower speakers in India which has several connection options to choose from when getting online. You can work with a Bluetooth link or a wired connection.

The wired options include a coaxial, HDMI, Digital Optical, and USB connection among others. You can link multiple devices to the same speaker setup without risk. The most exciting part here is that you can switch between different signals on the same setup without interference getting in the way.

The touch controls are soft and don’t make noise when you press them. You can easily identify changes in the quality of the sound when you adjust it, thus giving you a better idea of how well your signals are

Energy Sistem Tower 3 G2

  • Features:
  • MicroSD card decoder with a capacity of up to 64 GB
  • Audio playback formats (USB / SD): WAV and MP3
  • Repeat modes: repeat all, repeat one, random
  • you can easily control all functions with its remote control
Your next choice to see is this Energy Sistem model. The unit features a 2.1 tower system with 45-watts input power. The layout is small in size, and yet it still provides enough energy for your use.

You can move your music wirelessly with a Bluetooth link. A Bluetooth 4.1 connection is used in particular. The setup ensures you can handle devices up to ten meters apart.

You can also use a USB connection or a micro SD card directly on the tower setup. You can play music from the drive, although the internal memory inside the speaker set is particularly useful. You can play up to 64 GB of music at a time.

You can charge your Bluetooth devices through the speaker set as well. You can use either of the two USB outputs on the tower to charge those devices while you’re enjoying the music. You’re not going to worry about losing power to these items when you use this enjoyable feature.

Remote control is included with the product. You can use the control to turn the volume and other features up or down as necessary.

The speaker offers enough large features without going overboard. The 1.5-inch treble, 3-inch full range, and 4-inch subwoofer features provide enough power for playing back music without being hard on your
stereo setup.

Jack Martin JM 55 Wooen Tower

  • Features:
  • USB, pendrive, SD card, Bluetooth, & Built in FM radio multimedia connectivity feature.
  • Can be attached to TV with RC/Aux cable. LED display.
  • 2 Mics Inlet for attaching 2 Wired Mics with Recording & karaoke feature .
  • Built-in Speakerphone & Compatible with smartphones and tablets. 

The Jack Martin JM 55 is Best Tower Speakers India, and its setup provides a classy look. The 2-inch subwoofers and the smaller tweeters will produce sounds for both frequency extremes. The thorough design on the tower and the ability of the tower to move things well is easy to note. You can link the speaker setup to a television set with an RC/Aux cable. The LED display will confirm the connection.

You have the option to add many things to your setup, including, a USB connection, an SD card, and an FM radio connection. The controls on the base of your tower let you switch between different setups for your convenience. This provides a simplified approach for getting online that is easy to follow and gives you the best possible connection that you’ll enjoy. The entertainment will come out seamlessly and conveniently.

A UHF wireless microphone is included with the speakers. The microphone links to your speakers from a few meters away and will not be subject to interference. The unique microphone connection makes it easier for the tower to handle intense controls without a struggle. The recording feature on the tower is convenient as well. You can use the optional karaoke feature on the unit if you prefer too.

Find the Best Tower Speakers India 2019?

You’ll need to look well at how you’re going to get a quality speaker tower set up ready for your use. The great news is that it is not overly hard for you to make the most out of your speaker when everything is considered. Take a careful look at what you’ll find out of your speaker when looking for something intriguing. But don’t forget that you’re not going to have to worry about how much it costs for you to get something when you look at any of these things.

Each of these models can be found online today for less than Rs. 10,000. You’ll find that they’re all simple items for use that will work well without wasting your time in any situation. Take a look at
what’s around when seeing what works for you.

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