10 Best printer under 15000 in India 2020

If you are looking for the best Printer Under 15000 in India, then you are the right place.

I analyzed and used the following data to make this list of Printer Under 15000 in India. It includes Amazon best selling product in the Printer category, global sales data, products with high customer reviews on all e-commerce portal.

Best printer under 15000 in India

Best printer under 15000 in India

Here are the great Best Printer Under 15000 in India to use.

Best printer under 15000 in India



 HP Laserjet Pro Printer

Multi Function

HP DeskJet 4729 Printer

Multi Function

Epson M205 Ink Tank Printer

Multi Function

Brother DCP-L2520D Laser Printer 

Multi Function

Canon Pixma G3010 Ink Tank Printer

Multi Function

Brother HL-L2351DW Laser Printer

Single Function

HP DeskJet 5275 Printer

Multi Function

Canon Pixma G3000 Ink Tank Printer

Multi Function

Canon MF3010 Laser Printer

Multi Function

HP 1020 Plus Laser Printer 

Single Function

1. HP Laserjet Pro Multi-Function Printer

As the name suggests, the HP Laserjet Pro is a laser jet printer. Being a multi-functional printer, it is an ideal addition to any big size office. With its all-in-one capabilities, the HP Laserjet Pro makes working easier with colleagues. 

With a flatbed scanner, the HP Laserjet Pro can print in black and white colours only. But apart from this minor glitch, this printer is an ultimate workhorse. What’s more, the HP Laserjet Pro can connect via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi which exudes practicality in any modern-day office. It also comes with a two-line LCD display which makes taking printouts fun. 

The HP Laserjet Pro is compatible with a wide variety of Windows OS and ideal for fast and effective printing. It can print 8000 pages per month which can be economical for a large-sized business. 


  • Lightning fast printing speed
  • Economical
  • Supports various Windows OS versions


  • No automatic duplex printing
  • Bulky

2. HP DeskJet 4729 Printer

The HP DeskJet 4729 is an all-in-one printer designed to make your daily office chores simpler. Being an all-in-one printer, it can print, copy and scan at the same time. One of the highlighting traits of the HP DeskJet 4729 is that it comes with voice-control enabled features. 

This implies that you can connect either Alexa or Google speakers to get your desired printouts. The HP DeskJet 4729 can connect through W-Fi, HP connect app and USB. It comes equipped with an icon LCD display which depicts the toner level precisely. 

The HP DeskJet 4729 is an ideal addition to any small-sized office and home. It has a decent printing speed along with a higher page yield. The HP DeskJet 4729 supports manual duplex printing which is bit of a letdown. 


  • Icon LCD display
  • Supports various types of page sizes
  • Voice-activated


  • Insufficient warranty
  • Low printing speed

3. Epson M205 Ink Tank Printer

Epson printers are well-known for their superior ink advantage features. The Epson M205 best exudes this notion. It is an all-in-one printer which implies that you can use this printer seamlessly at your home and office. 

But note that the output of the Epson M205 is black and white only. The Epson M205 can connect via Wi-Fi or USB which provides you with a lot of option. One area where the Epson M205 triumphs over others is its superior printing speed. The Epson M205 can print 34 pages per minute which is simply great. 

With regular and heavy usage, the Epson M205 can provide you with not more than 300 pages per month. But there is a serious flaw in the Epson M205. This printer only supports A4 sized papers. So if you want to take other printouts, then the Epson M205 is not a good choice. 


  • Superior printing speed
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Manual Duplex Printing


  • Black and white printouts
  • Supports A4 size only

4. Brother DCP-L2520D Laser Printer 

Being a relatively new brand, the Brother DCP-L2520D has been able to grab great attention. Don’t forget that it is competing with the likes of Canon, HP and Epson out there. The Brother DCP-L2520D is a laser printer with all-in-one functionality. 

It can either connect via USB or through AC power. Being a laser printer, the Brother DCP-L2520D can print 30 pages per minute which is quite ideal for kid-sized businesses. The Brother DCP-L2520D supports a wide variety of page sizes making it ideal for collaboration among colleagues in any workplace. 

What’s more, the Brother DCP-L2520D is compatible with a large number of Windows and Mac OS versions. This printer is also compliant with a variety of server-side languages. The page yield per month is also good and thus the Brother DCP-L2520D facilitates economical printing. 


  • Good printing speed
  • Higher page yield
  • Less maintenance issues


  • Only black and white prints
  • No wireless connectivity

5. Canon Pixma G3010 Ink Tank Printer

The Canon Pixma G3010 is an ink tank printer with all-in-one features. But despite of that, it can provide you with colored printouts. So the Canon Pixma G3010 is a must-have addition in your office and home. 

In the connectivity department, the Canon Pixma G3010 provides you with a variety of options. You can connect the Canon Pixma G3010 through Wi-Fi, USB and the Canon Selphy app. It supports a wide number of Windows OS versions and server-side languages. However, it doesn’t support Mac OS. 

The 1.2 inch LCD display provides you with vital information on toner ink level. The printing speed of the Canon Pixma G3010 is decent for work in small offices and homes. You get 4 ink bottles along with the Canon Pixma G3010 which is just great. 


  • Supports wide variety of page sizes
  • Economical
  • Great connectivity options


  • No support for Mac
  • Low printing speed

6. Brother HL-L2351DW Laser Printer

The Brother HL-L2351DW is a laser jet printer and hence ideal for workspaces where quick printouts matter a lot. What’s more, the Brother HL-L2351DW prints at a decent speed of 30 pages per minute. Moreover, it can support a wide variety of page sizes. 

Thus, the Brother HL-L2351DW can make any workspace functional with its versatile features. It is compatible with a wide variety of laser toners and offers a great number of connectivity options. For instance, the Brother HL-L2351DW can connect via USB, Wi-Fi; Wi-Fi direct and direct power source. 

One of the highlighting traits of the Brother HL-L2351DW is that it supports automatic duplex printing. The Brother HL-L2351DW is compatible with a wide variety of Windows and Mac OS versions. It can also work with a great number of server-side languages. 


  • Good printing speed
  • Automatic Duplex Printer
  • Compliant with server-side languages


  • Mono colored printer
  • Bulky

7. HP DeskJet 5275 Printer

The HP DeskJet 5275 is an ink advantage printer which facilitates economical printing. Note that it is an all-in-one printer and hence allows you to accomplish a large number of tasks all at once. The HP DeskJet 5275 provides colored printouts which is another reason behind its current popularity. 

With voice-activated feature, the HP DeskJet 5275 ensures that you don’t have to reach out to the device for taking printouts. In other words, you can take printouts straight from Alexa and Google Assistant. 

In terms of connectivity, the HP DeskJet 5275 provides you with a lot of versatile options. It can connect via USB, Wi-Fi and HP Smart Connect App. The HP DeskJet 5275 supports a wide variety of Windows as well as Mac OS versions which is simply great. 


  • Supports a large number of page sizes
  • Auto duplex print
  • Supports Mac OS


  • Fails to connect multiple devices
  • Low page yield

8. Canon Pixma G3000 Ink Tank Printer

The Canon Pixma G3000 is an all-in-one wireless tank color printer ideal for mid-sized workplaces. The Canon Pixma G3000 provides a large number of connectivity options to the users. 

For instance, you can connect this printer via the Canon Selphy app, USB and Wi-Fi. What’s more, the Canon Pixma G3000 is compatible with a wide variety of Windows and Mac OS versions. The Canon Pixma G3000 doesn’t have any LCD display which is a bit disappointing. 

Even in regular usage conditions, you can get 300 pages of printouts per month which is average. The Canon Pixma G3000 has a moderate printing speed which is most ideal for small offices and homes. However, it supports a wide variety of page sizes which exudes practicality to modern-day users.    


  • Get two extra bottles of ink
  • Good print resolution
  • Economical to use


  • No duplex printing
  • No LCD display 

9. Canon MF3010 Laser Printer

The Canon MF3010 is a great office printer with its digital multifunction features. The Canon MF3010 multifunction laser printer offers 1200×600 dpi to deliver crisp and clear monochrome prints. 

Also, the printer provides high-quality 9600 dpi resolution while scanning and copying. The printer comes with an inbuilt memory of 64 MB, which makes storing documents and files easier. 

It eliminates the need of processing them again that saves time and increases efficiency. This is a superfast printer that can print up to 19 pages per minute. The recommended volume of printing by this printer is 8000 pages for its entire cycle. To make this printer worth your investment, it comes integrated with different inbuilt features. It has a Unique ID Card Copy feature, enabling you to copy identification cards on one-sided sheet easily. 


  • Digital multifunction features
  • ID card printing capabilities
  • Supports wide variety of Windows Versions


  • Lower page yield
  • Bulky

10. HP 1020 Plus Laser Printer 

The HP 1020 Plus is a great laser jet printer ideal for office uses. Being a laser printer, it has only one type of output- black and white. However, the HP 1020 Plus can connect via USB and direct AC connection. 

This can be bit of an issue who are looking forward to buy a wireless printer. The HP 1020 Plus has a moderate printing speed of 14 pages per minute ideal for a mid-sized office. However, one area where the HP 1020 Plus triumphs over others is the fine print quality. 

The HP 1020 Plus supports a wide variety of page sizes and is compatible with a large number of HP laser toners. Moreover, the HP 1020 Plus has a higher page yield making it the right choice for workspaces. 


  • Versatile features
  • Great print quality
  • Good duty cycle


  • No wireless connection
  • Low printing speed

Things to consider while buying the best printer 

Here is the list of things to consider while buying the best printer. 


For home use, the decision here is to either opt for inkjet or laser printer. Note that laser printers can provide you mono outputs only. You cannot get colored printouts with a laser printer. But that is not the case with inkjet printers. 


You should know the number of pages a printer can print in a single toner or cartridge. The replacement cost of ink and toner is equally crucial. You don’t want your printer to stop while you are on middle of an important task. So opt for printers from reputed brands. 

Additional Features

Additional features like large touchscreen readouts and Wi-Fi connectivity are always great. Also, opt for printers that have smaller paper trays. Smaller trays are easier to refill when compared to the larger ones. 

Let’s hope that the above-mentioned review on printers would help you in buying the best one. 

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