10 Best Printer For Home Use in India 2019

You’ll need to find a quality of best printer for home use in India. A printer makes it easy for you to produce companies of anything you create on your computer. A printer can especially make a difference if you have a business you run out of your home use and you need to generate appealing documents or materials for promotional purposes.

But what is the best printer for home use in India in 2019? As this guide will show, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. These models come with many outstanding features that will help you make the most out of your printing experience. Take a look at each of these when finding a model that works for your use.

You’ll have to look at what is available for use, but it also helps to figure out how well the quality of your printer fits in with your unique needs. The best design for a printer in India can work in many forms and can entail many quality features of note. But you must always see when finding a printer that you have a unit that is suitable and helpful for regular use without being hard to use.

Here are the Ten Best Printer For Home Use in India 2019

1. HP 419 All-In-One Wireless

  • 5 ppm for black and white
  • Supports 4800×1200 dpi colour images
  • Includes Wi-Fi and USB connections

An all-in-one Best Printer For Home Use in India. An all-in-one model can not only print things, but it can also scan documents and make copies. It can even send faxes with some of these printers depending on the model. The functionality of the Home use printer makes it an appropriate choice for you to find when looking for something that fits in with your regular user needs.

HP makes the 419 All-In-One wireless printers as a unit that fits in with your needs. The best printer for use an ink tank system. The tank works with spill-free and resealable bottles. You will get monitor your HP ink levels through the transparent review tank. The black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ports will ensure the most accurate colors possible.

With the 419 printers, your print upto 8,000 pages in color or 15,000 pages if you use two black ink bottles.

The wireless connectivity features in this printer make for something you’ll love. The Wi-Fi connection will link your printer to a local network in your home use of India. It can use this to connect to many computers in your home. The HP Smart App program lets you monitor the network and connections from your smartphone. A USB connection is also available if you need a direct connection to a single computer.

The best printer is very efficient in helping you to get your work going well. The print 7.5 pages per minute in black and white or 4.5 PPM in color.

The speed will vary based on the resolution setting you to utilize. The great news is that for adjusting the resolution to many totals based on the complexity of what you’re printing. The HP printer supports resolutions of up to 1200×1200 dpi for black and white shots or 4800×1200 dpi for color shots. The detail provides a good design for those aiming for something more visible.

It also use a best printer for many forms of paper. These include the A4 and A6 standards. A DL envelope can also be added to printers. The standard 110x220mm envelope works for basic mail purposes, so being able to add the envelope to the Home use printer is a plus.

2. Epson EcoTank L3150

  • Lightweight energy use
  • Prints at up to 33 ppm in black and white
  • Offers 5760×1440 resolution support

The need to conserve your ink is critical to the success of your printer. Epson makes the EcoTank L3150 as a model that lets you configure how much ink you are using at a time. The control the resolution setting with ease, so you don’t use more ink than necessary depending on task.

The lightweight electrical consumption of this model is positive to see. The unit consumes about 12W of power on average. This ensures you don’t waste more money on powering up the unit than necessary.

The Micro Piezo printhead used by Epson produces a detailed design that identifies the specific ink setups for use. If there is Best Printer For Home Use in India works at a speed of 33 ppm for black and white shots or 15 ppm for color. It can be best printer 4,500 black pages or 7,500 color pages without interruption.

The compact body of EcoTank printer is worth noting too. The ink tank is integrated inside to printer’s body. This prevents problems with trying to secure with best printer for somewhere in your home use and office.

The EcoTank L3150 produces an outstanding resolution level of up to 5,760 dpi. Best printer for this resolution setting to print photos without any annoying white borders.

The connectivity features on this printer are worth discussing as well. With the EcoTank printer, it can be linked to your Google Cloud account to print documents. Best Printer for send a request from Google Cloud to your printer to print anything you have on your account. This printer can even use a smartphone or tablet to send the request.

Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct support are available for best printer. The Epson Connect feature to link to your documents. The connect system lets you print a document from anywhere with a wireless account. The Epson Email Print feature also links to many email accounts that you have. The home for best printer link to a computer with email access to your printer to produce a detailed email that offers a clear look.

3. HP DeskJet 3835 Ink Advantage

  • Easy to set up on a Wi-Fi link
  • Works at 4800×1200 resolution in color
  • Comes with a quiet mode option

Your next option for the best printer for home use in India is this HP DeskJet model. The Ink Advantage printer operates at 8.5 ppm in black and white and 6 ppm in color. The print at up to 4800×1200 resolution in color, plus can use the A4, A6, B5, or DL envelope sizes when printing documents. The guides on the best printer for tray help you identify where the paper should go regardless of what you use.

But the best part of the DeskJet 3835 printer is that it doesn’t take long for you to set it up. It takes about a minute to set up the Wi-Fi link on a printer. The plugin uses the HP Smart app to identify the best printer for home use and office for your Wi-Fi network and then manage all your printing jobs directly off of your phone or tablet. It can also send scans or files from an email or cloud account to the best printer for home use in India.

The HP Smart app also lets you review the approximate ink levels in your printer, so you’ll know that you have enough material to work with.

The 2.2-inch mono touch screen lets you adjust the features on your screen. The switch between every function on your printer. These include printing, scanning, copying, and faxing functions. You can adjust the settings on touch screen to help you control the features that you’re working with.

The Quiet Mode option is one appealing feature that allows you to use your printer without producing lots of noise. It can be select the option on printer to slow down the unit, thus keeping it from making lots of noise.

It takes a little bit of extra time to best printer for home use work , but the feature is useful if you’re not in a rush or you’re trying to keep things in your work room a little relaxed or quiet.

4. HP DeskJet 1112 Single Function Printer

  • Works at up to 4800×1200 resolution for color shots
  • Small physical body for storage
  • Includes support for DL envelopes

The next choice for the best printer for home use in India 2019 is this HP DeskJet unit. The DeskJet 1112 printer only works with basic printing functions. But the great news about a printer is that it entails fast speeds that work without a struggle.

The print up to 1,000 pages per month on this unit. This is in accordance with the general duty cycle, a measure of how many prints you can get in one month.

The single-function design of that best printer for makes it one of the easiest models for hire in your home. This option for best printer for home use in India provides a simple design that is easy to add anywhere in your home. The compact footprint ensures you can add a new printer on your shelf or on your desk. You won’t waste lots of physical space when getting the best printer for ready to home use India.

The Energy Star certification for best printer for home use is positive. The certification states that the unit uses less than the average total amount of energy when compared with other printers on the market. It also recycles your old ink cartridges through the HP Planet Partners system.

The efficiency of best printer is another plus to note. The Best printer works at 7.5 ppm in black and white or 5.5 ppm in color. You can also use the printer tray to secure various paper types. These include A4, A6, and DL envelope paper.

5. Brother HL-L2321D

  • Works at 30 ppm
  • Includes a small tray on the inside for securing paper
  • You can use this to print documents on both sides

When looking to find which is best printer for home use in India, you have to take into consideration the efficiency of a printer. The Brother HL-L2321D single-function monochrome printer provides an efficient design that will help you print content in moments.

The duplex printing support on the Brother printer will help you print more documents in moments. The duplex printing feature allows you to simultaneously print materials on both sides of the paper. The feature works when you’re trying to produce detailed documents that you need to staple or bind together.

A two-in-one copy feature is also included here. The best printer lets you scan two or more documents to one A4 paper. The Home printer uses this to save paper while ensuring both parts of the content you need.

You won’t have to struggle with trying to add your either. This part of one of the choices for the best printer for home use in India uses the features of the manual slot. You feed the paper in the slot, and it comes out of the straight path.

The design ensures the paper moves through evenly without being at risk of getting jammed. The most important to part of the choice for best printer feature keeps your envelopes, letterheads, and other features looking great.

The print resolution works at up to 2400×600. The best printer can use this to create the most detailed black and white images around.

You have the option to use a 250-page large-capacity tray. The tray keeps them safe from dust and moisture. This for legal or letter-sizes.

The feed also includes guides for other special forms of paper. A5 and A5 long edge can go in the printer. Executive, legal, or folio quality paper materials can go in as well. The design ensures the printer will work fast and without hassles.

The fast speed on this printer makes for a convenient model for use as well. The print things at up to 30 ppm. This is based on standard sheets.

6. Canon Pixma G2012

  • Prints 8.8 ppm in black and white
  • Offers printing, scanning, and copying features
  • Comes with a duplex printing option you can set up on your own

The Pixma series of printers from Canon stands out among the options for best printer for home use in India thanks to its design. It is best printer is available for black and white or color shots. The black cartridge goes in one segment, while the cyan, magenta, and yellow ones will go on the other side. The clear windows to identify how well the ink cartridges are working.

The ink cartridges work based on the Hybrid Ink system perfected by Canon. Canon identifies the intensity of each color to figure out which of the three color ink materials are needed. Only the appropriate amount of ink on each one is used based on the reviews included here. The layout provides a simple body for convenience.

The panel design on the top of the best printer uses a 1.2-inch body that lets you control many features. The turn-on a printer, adjust the settings and configure whether you will use a black or color printing effort. The work can function in a few moments and makes for a simple design.

The ink cartridges operate at 6,000 pages in black or 7,000 pages in color. The print at 8.8 ppm in black or 5 ppm in color.

The best part is that use this if you’ve got heavy-duty printing needs in your home. One thing to see when finding out which is the best printer for home use in India 2019 entails knowing how well a model can handle large amounts of content at a time. With this unit, it can be print with 300 or more pages per month. Home offices will appreciate this Pixma printer, although small offices can use it too.

The 4800×1200 dpi resolution for color printing is an important part of what makes a printer useful. It also gets the A4, A5, B5, or legal size. A duplex printing feature is also included, although that feature has to be manually triggered for the setup to work.

7. HP Laserjet Pro M1136

  • Can print up to 8,000 sheets per month on average
  • The input tray works with transparent, label, and cardstock materials
  • 600×600 dpi resolution on a black and white body

The next choice for the best printer for home use in India in 2019 is this multifunctional unit from HP. In addition to traditional printing work, you can also use the Laserjet Pro to copy and scan documents. The input tray can handle 150 sheets of paper at a time. Paper and envelopes can be supported, but there’s a greater variety of options for you to work with.

Cardstock paper can be added to the M1136 printer. Cardstock materials are slightly thicker than traditional size sheets. It is getting full-color items printed without white borders on your cardstock sheets. The paper will not develop indentations or other stresses in the printing process.

Postcard materials can also go through without adding stress. Transparent materials and labels can also go through the printer. You can get labels printed off in moments without wasting paper, not to mention the labels won’t accidentally peel off as they go through the printer.

It can be best printer available in a black and white unit that operates at 18 ppm. A USB 2.0 connection links to a printer to your computer. The connection feature is easy to use, not to mention it can work on most computers, including ones that are outfitted with the USB 3.0 port standard.

The 600×600 dpi resolution feature also ensures you’ll have detailed images or other details printed without smearing or coming with any confusing or muddied details that might be hard to note.

The heavy-duty design on this printer is positive to see. This is to print up to 8,000 pages per month. This is the maximum recommended total per month based on ink usage and how well the unit produces energy. The great news is that the printer will stay active and operate fast without struggling to product content. You’ll get your documents printed out faster and without hassle.

The dual-digit LED display is a useful extra. This configures how many copies you want to produce when you print or scan something.

8. Epson L130 Single-Function Printer

  • Offers a 5760×1440 resolution rating
  • Prints at 27 ppm in black
  • Works with high-yield ink bottles for added power

You can also look at the Epson L130 when finding a single-function printer. This is the choice for best printer in India for home use can link to a computer through a USB 2.0 connection. The simple interface helps you get started in printing your documents in as little time as possible.

The immense variety of pages that the printer can support makes it a good choice for best printer for home use in India. With this model, you can work with A4, A5, A6, and C6 paper, not to mention DL envelopes.

The 5760×1440 print resolution for color images is one of the best standards to find in today’s market. It is an available printer for 300 or more pages per month on average. The unit produces high-quality images without a printer’s head clogging up all that quickly.

The print 27 ppm in black and white or 15 ppm in color. The choice is best printer does well with handling detailed impressions of note.

Epson uses high-yield ink bottles in the L130 model. You can get a yield of about 4,000 pages for every black ink container and 6,500 pages when the three color bottles are put in play. It does not take long for you to add the bottles in the printer, thus helping you get started on working in moments.

9. HP DeskJet 4729

  • Uses an ink cartridge conservation system
  • Supports duplex printing
  • Works with a Wi-Fi connection you can adjust through a mobile app

Having the ability to keep your ink usage under control can make a difference when you’re looking for something of value. The HP Deskjet 4729 is a choice that fits your printing needs well without using more ink than needed.

The Ink Advantage system works with careful parameters for measuring ink usage based on your resolution setting. The design ensures you’ll keep your printer working well without using more content than necessary. The printing head is also a self-cleaning unit, which makes it easier for you to print things without wasting time.

The HP Smart app works on the printer as well. You can load this on a phone or tablet and then link your printer to a Wi-Fi system. The design provides a wireless link that makes it easy for you to get started in loading content. You can manage the work on your printer from just about anywhere you want to work on it at.

From a technical perspective, the HP printer works at speeds of 7.5 ppm at black and white and 5.5 ppm at color. The Wi-Fi connection keeps the printer working without wires, although you would still have to plug it in. A USB 2.0 connection can also work for a direct connection.

The printer works for those who need something that works for 100 to 300 pages per month. The unit can handle plenty of pages, while the ink conservation features ensure that you’ll have more time to work on printing things than having to replace bottles on occasion.

10. Canon imageCLASS LBP2900B

  • Prints the first image in about 9 seconds
  • 600×600 resolution for black and white shots
  • Operates at 12 ppm

Your last option for a convenient printer for the home is the Canon imageCLASS LBP2900B. Best Printer For Home Use in India 2019 features a compact body while coming with a helpful paper tray that keeps your content from being exposed. You will not have to worry about the paper in your printer being exposed to moisture, dust, or other things that may keep it from working well.

The USB connection on the printer provides a comfortable look that keeps your connection working fast. Your printer also uses a cartridge system that works with 2,000 pages per printer on average. The long-running life of the printer ensures you’ll keep the unit working fast.

The CAPT 2.1 processing system that Canon has developed for the printer provides a better shot for whatever you want to use. The Canon Advanced Printing Technology system processes image data faster, thus reducing the time between when a print request comes through and when the printer starts working. You don’t even need to get a separate memory upgrade for your printer to make the unit work.

The first print speed on the Canon printer is ideal to note. Home use to get the printer working in about 9 seconds after loading your content. The 12 ppm speed for A4 black and white shots is a point worth noting.

The 600×600 dpi resolution for black and white photos should be noted. The printer can also work on A4 and letter paper among others. The printer for use the paper tray to rule your paper in the appropriate spots. The design lets you get items printed without the paper shifting as you get it ready for use.

A Few Pointers

All the options to see with best printer for home use in India that you have read about are all worth noting. But you will have to look well at how you’re going to find a printer that fits in for your work needs. There are a few things that should be done regardless of what you are finding:

  • Look at the functions that work on your printer. These include the functions surrounding copying, faxing, and scanning alongside printing.
  • The dpi resolution rating refers to the dots per inch on a printout. A printer that has a higher dpi total will be capable of printing more detailed images.
  • Review the types of paper to fit in your printer. The A4 standard is the most common one that home use. A legal paper that is a little longer in size may also work in some printers. They also add an envelope in some printers. Make sure the printer you choose can handle the specific paper format you want to incorporate.
  • The ability to get the ink for your printer in your unit should also be reviewed. The ink can be added with traditional cartridges or bottles. In some cases, you would have to fill the openings manually. Anything that offers a clear view that lets you see what’s inside the printer help as well.
  • The connection on your printer can entail a traditional wired link to a computer or a wireless setup. The layout used here will vary based on the model.
  • The lifespan of the printer is a measure of how many sheets of paper the printer can handle in a month. There is a chance you could print more than what the listing says, but the printer may be at risk of fatigue and of having its printing head develop a clog.

Each of these factors will make an impact on the kind of printer that you wish to use. You’ll have to notice how well you’re going to make your printer work for any situation.

Find the Best Printer For Home Use in India 2019?

You should be alert over what’s around when looking to find which Best Printer For Home Use in India. The models that are out there are useful and diverse in many ways. The printer find units that work with color images, while some focus on supporting a variety of paper formats.

There’s also the ability for you to use printers that can handle more ink at a time. Some models can also work with multiple functions, including copying and scanning.

But whatever you find when looking to see which is the best printer for home use in India, you’ll have to look well at what fits in for the unique needs you have. Be sure to see how well different models work if you want something that fits your needs.

You might be impressed with whatever you desire when getting a printer ready for use. The fact that there’s such a great variety of models for you to choose from is something that you will benefit from in particular.

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