7 Best Laptops Under 40000 in India 2019 October




Dell Inspiron

i5 7th gen

HP 15q

AMD Ryzen 5

Acer Travelmate B


HP 15

i7 7th gen

Dell Inspiron Business


Lenovo IP 320S

Core i3

Lenovo Ideapad

Core i3

Here are the Seven Best Laptops Under 40000 India 2019 October

Dell Inspiron - Best Laptops Under 40000

  • The Ubuntu Linux operating system which requires separate purchase of software .
  • The Waves Maxx Audio pro comes with the dual speakers for an excellent music.
  • The backlit keyboard is spill-proof and touch pad allows multi-touch gesture for smooth scrolling.
  • The Touch pad is slow at times.

Dell Inspiron is Best Laptops Under 40000 for 15 core laptops is thin, sleek and easily moveable. The laptop is loaded with intel processor for a quick and fast response while performing multitask. The vast storage allows the user to store unlimited photos and other media files.

The 15.6 inch high definition monitor screen comes along with the LED backlit keyboard which produces rich viewing clarity and allows you to watch movies and do other task even during the night hours. The battery standby time is enduring and long lasting.

HP 15q dy0008AU

  • The large built in storage capacity allows the user to store unlimited media and photos.
  • The double speakers render enriched music.
  • The Processor performance is slow.

This model is best HP Laptops Under 40000 in India which comes with modern, sleek and portable design. The HP laptops is loaded with AMD processor which supports multitasking and do other computing tasks. This laptops is ideal for both personal and work related tasks. 

The processor allows the user to work in a commendable speed and finish the work at ease. The laptop is preloaded with Windows 10 software with salient features. The Laptop has a withstanding battery life of 13 hours. The multiple ports enables the user to insert many media and storage devices.


  • The large built in storage capacity allows the user to store unlimited media and photos.
  • The double speakers render enriched music.


  • The Processor performance is slow.

Acer Travelmate B - Another Best Laptops Under 40000 India

  • The monitor is High definition screen.
  • The laptop is LED touch screen and comes in notebook view.
  • The Processor speed is poor.

The Acer laptops is slim, and easily taken wherever you go. The Acer laptops is loaded with the Intel Celeron processor with speed which supports considerable applications to complete your task and do personal work as well.

The Laptop comes with Windows 10 software for student and professional people with lifetime validity. The vast storage memory allows the user to store unlimited photos and music.

HP 15-da0434TX

  • The NVIDIA graphics quality provided enriched multimedia experience.
  • The anti-glare display screen has anti-glare which reduces the long working hour stress.
  • The monitor screen has some issues.

The HP 15 series is best laptops under 40000 india 2019 has a sleek, fashionable and modern  exterior look. The HP laptops combines performance , efficiency and ideal for all computing purposes. The HP laptops is suitable for every day routine and computing environment which includes entertainment as well.

The laptop is pre-loaded with windows software and latest Intel  i3 7th gen processors for better speed and usage. The Backlit  keyboard supports working at dim lights without any hassle. The battery gets recharged fast and  standby time is durable. The Licenced Windows software has lifetime crediatability.

Dell Inspiron Business - Another Best Laptops Under 40000 India 2019

  • The multi-port facility enables insertion of various media and storage devices.
  • The stellar wireless technology supports long range connectivity with an enduring connection , you will not have to buffer.
  • The HDMI connectivity port allows the user to connect the laptop to wide screen LED television.
  • The Cortana smart virtual voice assistant makes your life easy.
  • The convertible hinges are strong and tested many times.
  • The Laptop has heating issue which requires a cool place.

Dell Inspiron convertible laptops comes out in trending red and a slim , sleek finish. The Dell Inspiron laptops is loaded with the latest Intel Pentium quad core processor which performs task better than duo core.

The Quad core processor comes with 4 cores allowing the processor to support more multi task and complete the work without any lag. The Monitor screen is LED lit touch screen more with quick and faster response .  The Windows 10 home operating system is ideal for any working professional as well as for students with lifetime extension.

The user need not re-install the mandate and pre-loaded software in future. The vast storage capacity keeps unlimited photos and media.  The Battery standby time long lasts upto 7 hours 42 minutes. The Touch keypad is accurate and support multi-gesture feature which makes your browsing efficient.

Lenovo IP 320S 80X400FUIH

  • The Windows 10 Home operating system with life time creditability is an added option.
  • The built-in memory storage stacks up unlimited photos and videos.
  • The Processor performance lags when compared to other processor.

Lenovo IP laptops comes out in classy silver, slim and portable finish. The Best Laptops Under 40000 Lenovo is ideal for both professional as well as for student and support all types of computing. Every day computing can be done easily in this laptops.

The Laptop is loaded with advanced intel core 7th gen  processors which offers commendable speed, performance and longevity. The 4 core processor supports multi-tasking and can work without any hassle. The Battery standby time is considerable .

Lenovo Ideapad - Affordable Laptops Under 40000

  • The multi-port facility is an added option.
  • The Battery backup is poor.

The Idea Pad 330s exterior is slim, sleek and modern looking laptop. The Ideapad 330s is a multifaceted laptops and ideal for multi-tasking purpose and speedy work with the support of Intel i3 8th gen processor.

The built-in vast storage capacity has space for thousands of videos, images and file . The laptop monitor is  hassle-free with 5 pre-loaded applications . The modern looking laptops is designed for productivity and is energy efficient.

Find the Best Of Best Laptops Under 40000 India in October 2019?

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