Best Laptop Brands in India 2019 November

Here are the list of Five Best Laptop Brands in India 2019 November


Lenovo is appealing in Best Laptop Brands in India that has been operating for years. The brands have evolved as one of the top companies in the field of computers and have expanded its reach over the years with an assortment of quality of value.

The company has been moving forward to feature a variety of products for many uses. These include mobile and desktop products for all the needs that have brands. The support for Best Laptop Brands can find throughout also ensures that customers will make the most out of the products they’re looking to get for all their work purposes.

Lenovo History

Lenovo was formed in 1984 in Beijing. The Best Laptop Brands was originally called Legend. The focused on the production of computers and would produce its first computer in 1990. The first Pentium computer from Lenovo Laptop was built in 1993. The company also introduced its first server in 1995.

Over the years, Lenovo grew in Best Laptop Brands in India for other parts of the Asia-Pacific region. The company would continue expanding throughout the world, and would eventually acquire IBM’s personal computer division in 2005. Since then, Lenovo has been at the forefront of producing quality computers and tech throughout the world.

Lenovo Products

Lenovo sells an assortment of products for public use, including the following:

1. Laptop Computers

The ThinkPad series of laptops are noteworthy for their red dot mouse control features. The red dot or TrackPoint revolutionized the notebook industry when it was introduced in 1992. The Thin Film Transistor or TFT display is also noteworthy for providing a clear look with a slim body.

2. Desktop Computers

Lenovo Laptop makes various convenient computers and all-in-one workstations. The Thinkcentre series focuses on connectivity and productivity. The Ideacentre and Legion series are both made with performance in mind and can work well for entertainment or multimedia purposes.

3. Tablets

The tablets from Lenovo include the customizable Tab 4 series and the basic Lenovo A tablets. The Yoga series is popular for offering several control modes.

4. Workstations

The ThinkStation line of workstations places an emphasis on productivity and organization. The products can be customized based on AI support, graphics displays, and computer-aided design functioning needs.


The A Series of phones is made for entry-level purposes. The K Series comes with more advanced features and is particularly slim.

Lenovo also sells phones under the Motorola line. Lenovo acquired Motorola in 2014.

Lenovo Service Centers

Lenovo’s primary operations function in Beijing, Singapore, and the American city of Morrisville, North Carolina. The Best Laptop Brands in India has research centers in those three areas as well as in Shanghai, Yokohama, Paris, and Monterrey.

There are numerous service centers in India as well. Many of the service centers are laptop centers that focus on maintaining and fixing laptops from the India company. These service centers can be found in cities such as Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Maharashtra, Bengaluru, and Secunderabad.

Lenovo also has some service centers for its mobile devices. Kalyan and Kolkata are both home to service centers that focus on Lenovo and Motorola phones.

The service centers focus on fixing and on troubleshooting many concerns for Best Laptop Brands in India have surrounding their devices. The work has been critical in helping Lenovo grow.

The call centers that Lenovo Laptops operates are also critical for helping that with all their troubleshooting needs. All brands that work at these call centers are trained to handle all the needs that people require for managing their phones. The quality features involved should be explored in many ways.

Lenovo Future Plans in India 

There are many plans for Lenovo’s future worth noting:

  • Lenovo is planning on increasing its smartphone production in India. The company is looking to produce more than a million units per month.
  • Lenovo Laptop is working with Qualcomm to produce new chips that can support some of the most powerful speeds around. 5G connectivity could be a possibility for traditional personal computers.
  • There will be a focus on the 16:9 display ratio for all future computers and laptops. While Lenovo was admittedly slow in the movement from 4:3 to 16:9, the company is aiming to go forward with handling more detailed displays.
  • Virtual reality technology is expected to be a big deal as well. VR systems will be supported by Lenovo with an emphasis on different types of computers that they can use.

Lenovo can expect to continue to grow as one of the top companies for technology in India. The exciting world of Lenovo technology is worth exploring thanks to the many quality things for brands that can find from the company.


Asus has made a name for itself as one of the top tech companies in the world. Much of what Asus does is dedicated to supporting quality electronics that are smart, functional, and affordable.

Best Laptop Brands in India through the benefit of the Asus sells. This look at the company profiles the many things that Asus has to offer.

Asus History

Asus was formed in Taiwan in 1989. Best Laptop Brands in India has been working with Intel in the production of various processors since around the company’s foundation. This came in spite of Asus Laptop having to produce simulated versions of Intel’s processors at the start.

Best Laptop brands in India rise has been partly thanks to the hard work of Asus in the production of its unique processors and its support for Intel’s newest products. The company would release its first notebook in 1997 and in 2004 would release a new notebook with a built-in TV tuner.

The company has evolved to where it is producing outstanding laptops and smartphones. The development of ultrabooks and tablets have also helped Asus with growing and becoming a more powerful entity throughout India.

Asus Products

Asus has been producing many quality items in recent times. The Laptop brands assortment of products includes many that cover all the important tech needs that have:

1. Phones

Asus is known mainly for offering quality smartphones. Asus Laptop makes appealing smartphones in the Zenfone line. The Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platform is incorporated alongside Android OS functions to make each phone easy to operate.

Asus prides itself on providing some of the largest and strongest batteries in the phone industry. The 5000mAh batteries on select models will last for hours at a time and even days in some cases.

2. Laptops

The laptops offered by Asus include in the ZenBook and VivoBook series. The ZenBook is designed with professional intentions in mind, while the VivoBook is useful for entertainment and display purposes.

The ROG gaming series continues to be a standout line. Best Laptop Brands have even made some Chromebook that use the Chrome operating system, one of the simplest and most convenient solutions for computing that can find today.

3. Tablets

The ZenPad series of tablets from Asus provides quality 2K displays. These are among the best displays that can find in the tablet industry.

You can also find Chromebook tablets from Asus. The Chrome OS uses a distinct layout that entails specialized apps while also being more stable than many other solutions for work.

4. Motherboard

Asus started out as a motherboard production company, and those products are still big deals to this day. Asus’ motherboards feature powerful designs that support the latest Intel processors. Added spaces for memory, graphics, and cooling are also included for the user’s convenience to ensure the program in question stays intact and functional.

You can find a motherboard based on whether you need DDR3 or DDR4 memory and on whether you’re using USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3 devices. different PCIe-based storage drives are also supported.

Asus Service Centers

The service centers that Asus operates to focus on ensuring that all customers are satisfied with what they are getting for their tech needs. Most of the service centers Asus operates in India include ones at the southern end of the country. These include service centers operated in Patna, Guntur, Delhi, Kochi, and Coimbatore.

The service centers focus on promoting different production tasks and research efforts. This includes helping to analyze problems in various chips and motherboards. The general goal is to ensure every product produced by Asus will work to the unique specifications and standards that have for operation. Some of the service centers are dedicated primarily to laptop support, although smartphone centers are included around India.

Asus Future Plans In India

Asus is aiming to grow in India and elsewhere over the years. Some of the things that Asus is planning include:

  • Dual-screen laptops could be a great possibility for professional purposes.
  • Computers are expected to become thinner over time. This is especially the case for notebooks that are aiming to be more productive and compact.
  • On-field displays for reviewing the technical features of a tablet will be critical to note. Asus is working to develop screens on its motherboards and other items that will identify the real-time functions within an Asus device.

Asus is an exciting brand that offers numerous appealing of note. Best Laptop Brands who want to find high-quality materials should see what Asus has to offer and how the produces its many convenient items.


Dell is one of the most intriguing tech companies operating in India today. The company has introduced various high-end products throughout the years.

It is heavily committed to supporting the tech needs that have throughout the years. But the company is also making various appealing for sale in many ways.

Dell History

Dell was formed in 1984 by the University of Texas at Austin student Michael Dell. He produced IBM computers out of stock components. His work focused on producing high-end computers that could work for various distinct needs. But the most important part of what was doing the ensuring that computers could be made to the specific needs that have.

Dell focused on direct sales throughout much of the 1980s and 1990s. The goal was to ensure that can get computers that fit the unique needs they have.

Best Laptop Brands has had plenty of ups and downs over the years, including one point where Dell went through a buyout. But Dell has managed to support many acquisitions over the years. Dell has worked to acquire such entities as Alienware, Boomi, SonicWall, Quest Software, and StatSoft.

Dell has grown over the years to where the company now has its own dedicated stores that exclusively sell Dell products. The Dell stores include ones that offer the latest items. India was particularly the first country to have dedicated Intel stores. Other countries have retail stores with connections to Dell, including Sam’s Club in the United States, Staples Business Depot in Canada, and Officeworks in Australia.

There are a few places around that Dell produces its computers in too. Dell has factories in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Noida. These go alongside many other production centers around the world. Most of the operations in Dell still take place in the United States in cities like Austin, Peoria, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Miami, and Winston-Salem.

Dell Products

Dell has various qualities available for sale. These include such as:

1. Notebooks

The Latitude series of notebooks from Dell focus on portability and simplicity. These notebooks are made mainly with business functions in mind.

The Rugged series of notebooks feature sturdy bodies for industrial purposes. The Education line focuses on affordable models for students that feature all the unique applications and programs that have need to use.

2. Desktops

The Optiplex series of desktops from Dell covers many functions. Best Laptop Brands can get a subcompact desktop or a traditional tower design. An all-in-one design can also work. The features that people can find with these Dell laptops cover all the important productivity needs that people may hold when getting their computers ready.

3. Workstation

The Precision workstations from Dell cover any operations in different needs. The designs that Dell offers include many setups for cloud connections.

4. Thin Clients

Those who need help with keeping their businesses up and running can get new thin clients installed for work. Unique cloud designs can work for many needs. Dell can produce client computers that make it easier for different connectivity and functionality purposes to work as necessary.

Dell Service Centers

Dell focuses on getting its call service centers operating in India. The work in these service centers focuses on making it easier for businesses to grow in many forms. A dedicated service center for repair purposes can also be found in the Nagpur area.

The service centers focus on troubleshooting problems that have with their Dell computers. General tips and points for repairs are also covered by Dell. The general functions that are handled here ensure that they can make the most out of their Dell computers in many forms.

Dell Futures In India

Dell is going through many exciting new developments:

  • A new manufacturing unit is being built in Chennai. The unit will be worth tens of millions of dollars and will focus exclusively on manufacturing Dell products for sale within the subcontinent.
  • More customer care services are being introduced in India. Dell is working to centralize its customer care functions to India, although there are a few offices in El Salvador as well.
  • The Dell Online Ecommerce site is aiming to reduce delivery times for products and services. Part of this includes making it easier for laptop brands to buy online through Dell or through various partners like

Dell is an attractive tech for Best Laptop Brands in India that will continue to grow and thrive. Best Laptop Brands is especially making a strong investment in the company for all to look forward to watching.


HP is one of the top companies in the world of technology. Best Laptop Brands can find many things from HP, including quality laptops and desktops alike. HP has particularly been working hard to support in India.

The outstanding materials that can find through HP are worth exploring. The diverse array of products that can find through HP includes many that work for different demands and functions of note.

HP History

HP is short for Hewlett-Packard. The Best Laptop Brands in India was formed in 1939 by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in the United States. The two produced their products to help with simplifying technology in many forms.

Hewlett and Packard started in a garage in Palo Alto, California. They first designed an audio oscillator to help control the audio signals coming out of different recordings. Best Laptop Brands sold oscillators for professional use to many groups, including Walt Disney Productions, who used some of the first HP oscillators for use in its 1940 film Fantasia.

The Laptop Bands produced research instruments and calculating computers over time, and in 1968 would introduce the 9100A. This is considered to be the first device to be referred to as a personal computer. The HP-85 would be introduced as a modernized personal computer in 1980. A touchscreen PC was introduced later in 1983.

HP merged with Compaq in 2001 and has continued to produce high-end products in the computing field. The notebook functions that HP supports are particularly valuable for all the outstanding needs that hold for their computing standards.

HP Products

The Best Laptop Brands in India will find an assortment of products in many forms from HP:

1. Desktops

The desktops from HP include various all-in-one models as well as operations for business and entertainment purposes. Intel processors are used to providing more support for multiple functions at a time.

2. Laptops

The laptop lines available from HP include ones for home and business purposes. The Spectre, Omen, and EliteBook lines are among the most popular that people can look for.

3. Printer

HP has been producing many appealing printers for work needs. The HP printers include DeskJet and LaserJet models. These printers are suitable for many work needs, including for black and white or color needs. Some printers can work with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections for wireless printing functionality. Fax and scan features can be found on select models as well. HP also makes ink and toner for all its models.

4. Monitors

The monitors offered by HP include many HD-ready models that can support the intense displays that today’s modern HP desktops can handle. The Envy and Omen lines are among the most popular ones for brands to search for.

HP also operates the Snapfish photo-sharing platform. Snapfish makes it easy for brands to take photos and to share them with other people throughout the world. This produces fun and useful design for many needs. The Best Laptop Brands can take a look at what Snapfish has to offer when finding a top-quality material for many needs.

HP Service Centers

Best Laptop Brands plays a significant role in HP’s operations. The large office in Bangalore that focuses on IT and back end functions.

HP also operates the MphasiS headquarters in Bangalore. The IT company provides extended IT support for HP operations throughout the world.

HP Futures In India

HP is looking to go forward with many unique activities around the country. The development of new things from HP will be worth exploring in many forms:

  • Added support for virtual reality or VR activities will be critical to note. The VR support provided by HP devices will ensure that can get more out of many activities.
  • 3D printing will be a big point in the future. HP is aiming to expand its printing department to focus on 3D printers. The devices will help with producing high-end materials and quality surfaces that are easy to support in many forms.
  • Sustainable productions will be critical for all HP factories, including ones in India. This includes working with recycled materials in more HP products and in using more responsible waste removal efforts to ensure items are managed carefully.

HP is one of the most intriguing companies for people to take a look at. HP is aiming to make a real difference in the world of technology thanks to the hard work the company always puts in. The Best Laptop Brands around India will need to look at what’s around when looking at HP operates and what the company has to offer.


Acer is an exciting brand that is behind many of the top companies all around. The Best Laptop Brands in India can find quality from Acer, including many that are available throughout the years. The assortment of products from Acer focuses on producing the best computing results for any intentions people hold for their tech needs.

The Best Laptop Brands will need to look at how Acer is evolving and what they can expect to find in many forms. Acer is expected to keep on evolving and changing with the times as people start to discover more about what the company offers.

Acer History

Acer is a Taiwanese company that has been in operation since 1976. Acer first started as an electronic part distributor and microprocessor consultant. Various unique computing clones were developed by Acer over the years to support various personal computer actions.

Acer would pivot towards the notebook industry in the 2000s. The company’s focus on notebooks particularly grew out of the 1997 acquisition of Texas Instruments’ notebook computer division. Acer also owns the personal computer division of Commodore.

Acer is also evolving to produce different practical applications for many works and lifestyle needs. These include applications for virtual reality and smart cameras.

The Best Laptop Brands has played a role in Acer’s development in the twenty-first century. Acer started the Acer India Limited subsidiary in 1999 to help provide computers to places around India, most notably for educational purposes. The company’s headquarters is in Bangalore.

Acer Products

Acer’s many products for sale include items that fit every need that has for technology:

1. Laptops

Acer has a diverse assortment of laptops for sale, including convertible and ultra-thin models. Detachable models that come with touchscreen features and support for mobile operating systems are also available.

Acer also makes an assortment of Chromebook models. The Chrome operating system works on these computers to produce a simplified interface and process for handling things.

2. Desktops

Desktops are available in tower and all-in-one formats. The Aspire series is appealing, but the Nitro series works for entertainment purposes.

3. Monitors

The monitors that Acer makes include many options that are useful in many forms. The monitors include curved options for large cinematic displays. A zero-frame model can also be ordered for something that is large in size and yet isn’t too hard to arrange. Some monitors also feature height-arrangement features.

4. Wearable Products

Wearable products from Acer include the Leap Ware, a smartwatch. The watch records health information and helps to get in touch with others while on the go. The simple arrangement of the Leap Ware watch makes it a convenient choice that is often easier to support that many other larger models on the market.

5. Smart Cameras

The Holo360 provides a full view of anything one might be interested in looking at. The Holo360 design provides a good look that makes it easier for the spot things at any angle.

Acer Service Centers

Acer has thousands of employees in more than seventy countries including India. Much of the service work that Acer does in based out of Bangalore.

Best Laptop Brands also has many service centers throughout the years. These service centers include locations in Tezpur, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, and Kochi. The service centers focus on repairing products and restoring different Acer systems. The general work offered by these centers ensures that clients can make the most out of their computers.

Acer Features In India

Acer will continue to evolve over time and provide many new things for brands to explore for their professional or recreational use:

  • Lightweight laptops that are less than 1 kg in weight will be released in the future. These include laptops that are less than 10mm thick. These would be among the smallest in the world as they are released.
  • 4K touch displays will also be critical to the future of Acer. The 4K high-resolution standard provides crisp images.
  • The Predator brand of entertainment PCs and laptops will continue to be a focus. This comes as HD graphics continue to be critical. The support for intense wireless networks that can handle faster speeds will especially be vital for the success of the brand.

No matter what brands expect to find out of Acer in the future, they can anticipate exploring some unique developments relating to how well the company functions and what it has to offer. Acer is intriguing for Best Laptop Brands in India thanks to how well it works for producing quality products that people can trust for all their needs.



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