12 Best Fitness Band in India 2019

The Best Fitness band in India has the ultimate purpose of life is to stay healthy, fit and happy. Packing yourself into activities that promote your energy and health is always the best thing. We refuel our car whenever needed and is done in a regular time interval, and is checked by taking out on roads to make sure the car functions properly.

The human body functions similar to a machine. Our body is in need of regular vitamins, minerals, and supplements. Moreover, exercise energizes our heart and improvises blood circulation. Exercise is an activity that improvises and continue to maintain physical health and overall stamina.

To stay long and healthy, an individual needs to control physical fitness activities in order to make sure that they do not fall ill and stay fit. A Best Fitness band in India is used to track physical health activities.

A fitness band is an electronic device with sensors that can scan aspects related to body fitness like covering the kilometers that you have run, viewing the burnt calories, heart rate and much more.

The fitness band is getting better and smarter and can detect health-related activities. Now, let us have a look at the best fitness band available in India. The best fitness band in India is getting upgraded with smart features and many mandate options to monitor your health factor.

How to choose the right and best fitness wearable band?

The first thing you need to sort out is what do you need the fitness band for. Below given are some factors you need to check before purchasing a fitness wearable band.

Comfort: If you are going to wear this fitness band for long hours in a day so comfort zone has to be your ultimate concern. This comprises whether the band strap is made of a material that is suitable to your skin, check if the device doesn’t fall off easily from your wrist and whether it’s very heavy for you.

Display: Ideally if you want the best fitness band that has a bright and good display which is legible enough even under the sunlight. The display can be big and vast enough to display mandate information in readable and large font size is a must.

Notifications: If the fitness wearable device supports notifications, you should monitor if it simply vibrates or shows only certain data such as name and phone number of the person who is calling you. The caller ID feature is very useful to track the calls.

Step tracking: Plenty of people buy a fitness wearable band to motivate themselves to start moving. Accurate step tracking is mandated. Check out the reviews to verify the step-tracking factor.

Heart rate monitoring: This is a complicated decision because many health devices offer heart rate monitoring, but not all of those devices are useful. What is needed is continuous heart rate monitoring at least in exercise or workout mode. This feature helps to gauge calorie burn more precisely during workout time.

GPS: This is essential for more accurate route tracking and distance tracking during running, driving or cycling workouts. Not every fitness devices have very accurate GPS chips, so you should check out the user reviews to decide whether the chosen fitness band you want has this feature or not.

Waterproof: This is rapidly becoming an essential feature for all fitness wearable band. Swim-proofing is not needed unless you’re a professional swimmer, but it’s good to have a fitness wearable that works even if you wear it during the shower or gym when it is raining.

Battery life: Another important thing to keep in mind. For basic level fitness bands, one week of battery life is a very good option. For fitness watches, four to five days is pretty good as well. For smartwatches, two days of battery life is durable.

Here are the Twelve Best Fitness Band in India 2019

1.Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa smartwatch looks stylish, compact and light to wear on your wrist. The Fitbit Versa smartwatch is one of the best fitness bands in India which falls into economic pricing. The Fitbit Versa allows to store and play up to 300 songs. The fitness band is amazing and the best fitness smartwatch enables the user to choose from 15 plus exercise mode for real-time stats during workout mode.

The smart track feature when enabled records workout exercises for future usage. The smartwatch has a durable battery life for up to 4 days. The GPS connectivity allows the fitness band to track the route and distance.

The Fitbit smartwatch is able to walk through the female menstrual cycle and other hormonal changes. The All-day track mode makes sure to track your jogging, walking steps, calorie burn, heart rate monitor and much more.

The battery backup started to drop down to 12 hours.

2.Mi Band 3

The Mi Band 3 smartwatch has large OLED touch screen enabling the fitness band to view text messages, social media notifications without even taking your phone. The instant notification feature allows the user to accept or reject phone calls, check social media notifications. The Mi Band 3 smartwatch is Best Fitness Band in India 2019 looks elegant with a soft strap.

The heart rate monitor feature supports continuous monitoring of your heart which includes aerobic, and maximum heart rate zone. The Mi fitness application allows the fitness band to personalize the workout goals daily based on the needs, monitor your health progress.

The real-time activity tracker feature is useful in checking heart rate, run speed and much more during running, jogging and other real-life activities. When the Mi band 3 smartwatch is charged fully, the battery lasts for 20 days on normal usage whereas on extensive usage the battery lasts for 3 to 9 days. The sleep monitor feature precisely records your sleep quality each night.

The heart rate is not accurate and the number keeps fluctuating.

3.Honor Band 4

Honor Band 4 smartwatch comes with 0.95 inches AMOLED full touch screen bright and vivid display with screen adjustments and home button control. The belt clip supports the firmness of the smartwatch. The Huawei health application can be paired with the smartphone to track your health-related activities.

The Truseen feature is useful in monitoring the heart rate round the clock, pulse rate while doing real-time activities. The Trusleep feature helps the fitness band to monitor their sleep patterns on a daily basis. The Honor Band 4 supports for Best Fitness Band in India 2019 in Mukti-sports mode and monitors step count and much more.

The Touch screen displays messages, social media reminders and other notifications. The smartwatch is water-resistant. The battery stand by duration lasts for 17 days on normal usage.

4.Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker

The FastTrack Reflex smartwatch comes with a dual-color strap and comfortable to wear. The GPS finder feature is useful in finding the lost smartwatch. The touch screen displays messages, call, and other notifications. The fitness band can control the phone via remote and capture selfies.

The sedentary reminder feature alerts the fitness band about the daily routine and actions. The sleep tracker feature maintains your sleep pattern. The smartwatch is waterproof. The reflex has an enduring battery life of up to 10 days.

The reflex software needs an upgrade.

5.MevoFit Race

Mevofit Race-Dive sports smartwatch is firm, stylish and supports swim mode along with real-time and outdoor activities. The Advanced daily activity tracker is useful in tracking step count, burnt calories and other health-related aspects.

The Fitness tracker application is advanced and is able to connect, sync and user can view all the band data. The Anti-lost feature helps the fitness band to find the lost smartwatch gadget through GPS connectivity. The smartwatch is water-resistant. This is one of the best fitness smartwatches and is compatible with most of the smartphones with decent battery life.

The pairing with smartphones has a lag.

6.Noise ColorFit Pro Smartwatch

Noise Colorfit pro smartwatch comes with Best Fitness Band in India 2019 for the colourful metallic finish along with a scratch-free LCD display. The fitness tracker feature is useful in monitoring fitness real time activities. The fitness band can review their routine fitness through dynamic heart rate, oxygen level, sleep zone, pedometer which can be viewed via an LCD display screen.

The fitness band needs to plug in the charging clip at the back of the smartwatch or plug the charging cable into the USB port of your laptop or PC. The music and camera are controlled remotely. The battery standby time lasts upto 7 days. The smartwatch is water-resistant and contains sports mode.

The color fit Pro smartwatch has a lag in the user interface.

7.Noise ColorFit 2

Noise color fit 2 is one of the Best Fitness Band in India 2019 comes in a svelte form with vivid color LCD and touch screen display. The fitness band contains smart features to track your health progress. The fitness band is able to do multiple sports activities using the multi-sports mode and is waterproof.

Women make use of the period tracker to maintain your menstrual cycle. The Noise color fit is paired with smartphones through Bluetooth connectivity. The fitness band can control the camera remotely. The battery standby time lasts up to 7 days.

The user might face some pairing issues.

8.Honor Band 4 Running

Honor band 4 is one of the best smart fitness watches which has dual-mode to wear either on the wrist and on the foot. The footwear mode is able to monitor and gauge foot strike pattern, ground landing time, step walk, and much more.

The Huawei health application is useful in scanning a user’s health and sleep pattern. The battery lasts upto 14 days. The reminders and notifications are displayed on the touch screen.

9.Lenovo Cardio 2

Lenovo cardio 2 comes with an OLED display to view notifications and messages. The Lenovo cardio with the help of the Lenovo life application is able to track your health progression. The smartwatch supports multi-sports mode. The smartwatch is water-resistant.

The processor is low-energy consumable and the data processing is fast. Lenovo is one of the best fitness watches and the strap is easily detachable. The smartwatch is easily charged. The battery standby time lasts for 20 days.

10.Mevofit Drive Fitness Band

Mevofit drive is one of the smart and Best Fitness Band in India 2019. The Mevofit drive fitness watch comes with a vivid and clear touch screen display where the fitness band can view alerts, notifications. The Mevofit band is useful in analyzing the step count, burnt calories while doing real-time activities.

The Mevofit band comes with the USB charger dongle for easy charging. The Power on/off icon to turn on or off the fitness band.

11.Portronics POR-924 Yogg Plus

Yogg Plus is one of the best fitness wearable band in India with touch screen display. The Yogg plus fitness band is dust and waterproof and the fitness band can swim and surf upto 50 meters while wearing it. The daily activity tracker feature is useful to monitor your health pattern and sleep pattern.

The fitness band supports multi-sport mode. The smartwatch is paired with smartphones via Bluetooth. The user can connect the camera remotely.  The charging is made simple.

12.Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2

Huawei band 2 has a stylish look and comfortable to wear. The Huawei Band 2 is water-resistant and is able to dive in deep waters. The built-in GPS feature is impressive. The workout coach guides the fitness band in measuring running speed and other fitness needs.

The heart rate monitoring feature views heart rate. The Huawei phone is paired up with the fitness band to view notifications.

Find the Best Fitness Band in India 2019?

The bottom line is the fitness band should choose a Best Fitness Band in India 2019 based on their needs and budget. There is huge number of options to buy the best fitness band and this article has catered to your needs.

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