7 Best Electric Rice Cookers in India 2019 (Reviews)

The Best Electric Rice Cookers in India is a staple of recipes throughout all corners of India. With that in mind, the electric rice cookers has become an indispensable part of every kitchen in India. Even with this, there are many electric rice cookers out there to where it might be difficult for people to figure out what options are right for one’s needs.

The good news is that there are plenty of convenient for you to try using where in India. These are all appealing that models will help you with handling your heating needs and with ensuring every grain you’re ready for your next big recipes.

Each model is different based on size and other features. You’ll need to look at these options to see what might work for when you need something that is suitable for all your specific needs of note.




Prestige Delight

1.8 L

Bajaj RCX

1.8 L

Prestige PRWO

1.8 L

Butterfly Wave

1.2 L

Prestige PMC


Panasonic SR

4.4 L

Preethi Touch

6 L

Here are the Seven Best Electric Rice Cookers India 2019

Prestige Delight 1.8-2 - Best Electric Rice Cookers India 

The appealing red design of this Prestige makes it a useful choice, but what makes this particular products can even more valuable is that it features room for up to 1,000 grams . The two aluminum electric cookers pans that come with this model make it a useful choice for your needs. A control switch lever provides a setup that keeps the cook process working automatically. You can also use a warming setup on this to produce a better efforts.

Some of the rice varieties often wont stream good on rice cookers, at the time you can opt for Best Gas Stoves for better cooking of premium rices.


  • A scoop holder is included on the side
  • The cool touch handles are easy to grip
  • An added cook pan provides extra help for handling your cookers needs


  • The lid does not produce too much of a close cover

Bajaj RCX 5 1.8

You can also use this Bajaj model for your needs. This model has a 1.8-litre capacity and includes a electric bowl that features an aluminum body with an anodized finish. The surface provides extra help for electric cookers and is easy to maintain.

The stainless steel like present on most Bajaj products including OTG grills, this one lid also comes with vents that help allow for the release of steam all the way through. This ensures that the rice will be cooked all the way and that the steam being produced will not fog up the rice that you are preparing. This should be useful for when you’re aiming to produce something quickly.


  • The aluminum cookers bowl is easy to support
  • Covers 1 kg at a time
  • The detachable power cord is easy to use


  • The steam can be intense at the start

Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 - Another Best Electric Rice Cookers India 

The appealing floral design on the outside part of this Prestige model makes it appealing, but the functionality of the model makes it all the more useful. You can get up to 1 kg of rice prepared at a time. The two indicator lights on the electric cooker also let you know when the rice being produced is ready for use, thus giving you extra help for all your needs.


  • Can prepare all the way in about 15 to 20 minutes on average
  • Easy to use the controls
  • The handle provides a good curve that is easy to prepare and utilize


  • The main body of the cooker can be hurt by water

Butterfly Wave 1.2

You can use this next option if you need something a little larger in size. This 1.2-litre model from Butterfly features a temperature control knob and a 360-degree swivel base. The stainless steel body provides a good design that works fast.

The best part of working with this model is that you can cook more than times. The automatic switch-off feature is also helpful for making it easier for you to cook the right way.


  • An egg boiler feature can cook six eggs at once
  • The ergonomic handle features a slight curve for simple control
  • The glass lid gives you a clear look at what is inside the cooker when in use


  • Takes a bit of time to recognize the mechanism used for different cook purposes

Prestige PMC 2.0

Another model from Best Electric Rice Cookers India Prestige, this cooker uses a concealed heating element on the bottom part. The heater ensures the content is produced well and is not going to produce any excess forms of stress.

The unit is a little smaller in size in that it handles up to 300 grams but it does well for heating everything in about 10 to 15 minutes in most situations.You can also use a few included accessories for your convenience, including a boiler stand for keeping eggs in their place when cooking.


  • A detachable power base provides simple control for managing power
  • The close fit lid keeps steam inside
  • The cool touch handles are easy to hold and utilize for most electric cookers needs


  • Does not have a control for adjusting the temperature on the inside

Panasonic SR-WA18 E 4.4

You can get a little more prepared in this model is a 4.4-litre capacity. Panasonic offers this quality model with an automatic cooking feature. The design ensures that the process can work faster and ensures you’ll have more prepared faster. The anodized aluminum cook pan ensures that will not stick around the inside part.

A scoop holder is also included for ensuring you can get access to this helpful additional part of the process.


  • Cooks up to 600 grams at a time
  • Easy to remove the cooking pan for basic cooking needs
  • The bridge handles provide a slightly better look for your needs


  • The model runs through water a little too fast

Preethi Touch EPC005 6 - Affordable Best Electric Rice Cookers India 

You can also look at the Preethi Touch Best Electric Rice Cookers India for when you need an extra bit of help with managing your heating needs. The six-litre have works with the fifteen different pre-programmed settings for heating different items at certain temperatures.

This model particularly offers setups for dal, rajma, biryani, gravy, meat, and chicken among others. The front base lets you adjust the setting to prepare a different food at a time when combined use with Better Mixer grinders. You also have the option to change the pressure level and cooking timer on your own, thus adding to the general functionality of this unit.


  • The aluminum material provides a comfortable surface all around
  • The one-year warranty provides enough protection
  • The digital layout on the front adds a good design


  • The timing can vary based on the materials you’re trying to prepare

Find the Best Of Best Electric Rice Cookers India?

The intriguing thing to see surrounding these electric cookers can help with preparing more than times. But you’ll also need to look at the ways how great cooking are made and what makes each option a little different from one another.

The Best Electric Rice Cookers India models you’ve got to choose from are useful and helpful for many of the specific needs you have surrounding your cooking demands, but you have to watch for what’s around without coming across anything tough to utilize.

All the options you have for your use when it comes to your needs are worth checking out. You’ll have to see how well different work for you as you aim to get a helpful model that works with ease. Try these choices out the next time you need help with finding something for your general cooking needs.

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