5 Best DSLR Under 30000 in India 2019

The DSLR camera helps to capture images using digital sensors, which saves energy and money. DSLR has helps to capture images by all professional users and hobby purpose. This buying guide helps to review about “Best DSLR under 30000” that helps to view all details about the camera and choose the right one.




Canon EOS 1500D


Canon EOS 1300D


Canon EOS 3000D


Nikon D3400


Nikon D3500


Here are the Five Best DSLR Under 30000 in India 2019

Canon EOS 1500D - Best DSLR Under 30000 In India

The canon DSLR camera delivers the best quality pictures with all the details, it uses APS C CMOS sensor with lens resolution of 24.1MP, the ISO image quality is 100-6400 inbuilt with DIGIC 4 image processor that helps to take images even during low light and minimal noise capturing.

The auto focus mode contains 9 AF points that is correlated with 1 centre point. The product display is made of OLED and used LCD for viewing. The multimedia connectivity are WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth and a USB port that shares pictures instantly.

The lens used is 18-55 that is mounted on EF and EF-S. The product comes with 2years warranty and screen size is 3inches. Optical technology is used for stabilization. The battery used in the device is a rechargeable lithium battery.

The product package comes with the body EOS 1500D, lens EF S18-55 IS II, battery charger, rechargeable battery, 16GB SD card. The device connect app is used to share pictures instantly.


  • The camera is compact and easy to carry
  • The battery life is more
  • The auto focus mode helps to capture perfectly


  • Shortcut keys are not available
  • Noise occurs when you capture pictures

Canon EOS 1300D - Best Price For DSLR Under 30000

The Canon DSLR camera is designed with 18MP lens and equipped with APS-C CMOS sensor that helps to capture bigger images and crop pictures. The quality of ISO 100-6400 with image resolution of 1920*1080 which is capable of capturing images even in low light and the processor used in the DIGIC 4 along with 9 autofocus points that makes imaging accurate and faster.

The lens used for EF and EF-S, that are mounted to make perfect image capturing. The screen display size is 3 inches with minimum shutter speed of 1/4000. There are many filter options that helps to express your mood through pictures. 

The mirror point used in the pentamirror, the multimedia connection with the WiFi, NFC, bluetooth and USB ports. The frame rate can be selected according to the capturing.

The product comes with 2 years warranty. Canon device is connect app helps to share pictures instantly. The battery used in the device is a rechargeable lithium battery, the pack comes with 16Gb memory card, carry case and 18-55mm ISII lens.


  • The camera is lightweight and easy to carry
  • The DIGIC processor helps to capture perfect images
  • Perfect camera for beginners


  • The image stabilization technology is not available
  • Shortcut keys and touch screen facility not available

Canon EOS 3000D - Another Best DSLR Under 30000

The Canon DSLR camera comes with APS C size CMOS sensor that captures realistic pictures and built with DIGIC 4+ image processor. The ISO standard is 100-6400 that can be expanded to 12800, the product contains 9 auto focus points and 1 centre cross point that helps to focus on exact the  produces highly accurate pictures, low noise images.

The lens is equipped with 18MP with screen size of 2.7inches. Optical technology is used for viewing and finder. The lens used in the product are EF-S that has focal length of 3.5-5.6 and the LCD screen size is 2.7inches.

The product comes with 2 years manufacturing warranty. The file that is used for file storage is DCF along with auto lightening optimisation, flash color transformation.

The compatible devices with the smartphone and canon wifi printer. The batteries are rechargeable and has an optical viewfinder for picture viewing. The file format is JPEG and RAW.


  • The pictures standard can be expanded upto 12800
  • The products are captured perfectly and filters can be interchanged
  • Battery life is extendable


  • Video capture resolution cannot be changed
  • Lower resolution of camera lens

Nikon D3400 - Cheapest Models In DSLR Under 30000

The Nikon D3400 is advanced DSLR camera with sensor of DX format CMOS format with lens resolution of 24.2MP and image processor used is EXPEED 4. The autofocus points in the 11 points, the lens used in the AF-P that is capable of capturing with filters, effects and modes.

The ISO standard is 100-25600 that is capable of capturing in all conditions, the video recording mode has high definition  of files with 1080 pixels. The product maximum shutter speed is 30 seconds which makes capturing faster, the shooting speed is 5 frames per second, the DSLR camera uses digital viewfinder for view and for review. 

The LCD display size is 3 inches that helps to view and edit pictures. Snapbridge is used to share instantly and bluetooth low energy that uses low energy and battery for file transfer.

The file format supported by JPEG and Raw .The DSLR camera comes with 2 years manufacturing warranty. The camera package comes with lithium rechargeable batteries, MH-24 battery charger, DK-25 eyecup, BF-1B body cap and AN-DC3 strap.


  • The snapbridge helps to share pictures instantly
  • The camera is lightweight and compact
  •  The auto focus points in the camera is 11


  • Wifi connectivity not available
  • Self timer is not available

Nikon D3500 - Affordable DSLR Under 30000 In India 2019

The Nikon DSLR camera comes with APS-C CMOS sensor that has resolution of 24.2, which helps to capture larger images, the standard built in the ISO 100-25600 that captures less noise with images with the resolution of 1920*1080.

The auto focus points points in the DSLR camera is 11 that focuses with accuracy. The lens mount used in the nikon F mount with focal length of 18-55mm. The viewfinder technology used is optical viewer, the LCD display size is 3 inches and shutter speed is 30 seconds.

The multimedia connection with the wifi, NFC and bluetooth that transfers pictures on the spot. The internal memory built in the 13.2GB, the memory can be extended upto 512GB. The card type built with the SD, SDHC, SDXC.

The Product comes with 2years warranty. The file formats supported by the JPEG, RAW. The battery used is lithium rechargeable battery.


  • The optical zooming for images is 3 times faster
  • The picture quality is real and produces perfect color images
  • The battery can be used upto 2 hours


  • Image stabilization technique is not available

Find the Best DSLR Under 30000 in India 2019?

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