8 Best Deep Freezers in India 2021

Deep freezers are normally found in ice-cream parlours, groceries, medicine shops and frozen meat sores and other establishments since it preserves high value food and perishable items from deterioration.

If you are planning to spread one or more deep freezers inside your shops or homes then you should explore this informative article which provides intrinsic and useful details about some of the fastest selling single door deep freezers in India. Read on to get interesting information about hot brands built out of cutting-edge technology. It is worth to note that all these star rated products are affordably priced. This article will help you when you are planning to buy Best deep freezer in India.

Best Deep Freezer in India

1. Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer

Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer (200 Ltrs, White)

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Foods prepared inside the home or commercial kitchen may perish after a point of time if you leave it unattended after a point of time. Moreover, vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and beans may putrefy if you keep it outside for a long time. The same principle applies to meaty and non-meaty products.

You can safeguard your food items from deterioration and putrefaction if you store your food stuffs inside an expansive deep freezer. There are branded deep freezers like Blue Star CHF200 Single Door Deep Freezer 8904239840685, 8904239839894 which comes in soul-steering colour and smart features.

It achieves sub-zero temperatures instantly and preserves your food items from deterioration. This free-standing single-door deep freezer made from sturdy stainless-steel extracts minimum space and consumes minimum energy. You can make your store or home space clutter free and luxurious when you start using this fastest selling deep freezer.


  • 188 litres capacity – expansive space for storing food, ice-creams and other perishable items
  • Ready to use and doesn’t require installation
  • Heavy duty castor wheel for easy mobility
  • One basket included
  • 1 year warranty on product and 2 years warranty on compressor
  • Recessed handle for easy operation
  • Lock and key system for safety purpose


  • Rating not given
  • Limited colour options

2. Godrej 100 L Deep Freezer

Godrej 100 L Deep Freezer ( DpFrz GCHW110R6SHC Htop White )

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Next generation deep freezers can store plenty of ice-cream tubs, boxes, and sticks safely for months. If you are thinking to buy immaculately designed deep freezer which comes with temperature control knobs, LED display, fast freezing and energy efficient deep freezer then you should select Godrej 100 L Deep Freezer GCHW110R6SHC which stands out in quality and standard.

Godrej is a reputed company in India which manufactures varieties of furniture, refrigerators, air-conditioners and other home use products for the past several decades. It has retail outlets and service points spread throughout India and consistently manages to surpass the expectations of the clients.

This award-winning company brings out best electronic and electrical appliances and the demand for their products is seeing consistent raise. You can also keep blocks of ice, ice cubes and all other items which needs freezing safely in it. It has strong hinges and door handle which makes the operation simple and straight forward.


  • Deep freezer with single door – 100 litres capacity
  • Ready to use. No manual installation needed
  • Freezer/ cooler converter
  • Fast freezing technology. It has branded compressor which freezes the compartment instantly
  • Food grade basket and robust body
  • 40 percent more power saving.
  • One year on product and 5 years on compressor


  • Small model
  • Limited colour options

3. Voltas 205 SD CF Single Door Deep Freezer

Voltas 205 GSL Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator (205 Ltrs, White)

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Branded deep freezers preserves quality, nutrients and taste of the vegetables, fruits and food items for a lengthy period. If you are dreaming to remodel your shop or home space with latest electrical and electronic items, then you should decide to install readymade Voltas 205 SD CF Single Door Deep Freezer, 205 Litre 8903470029750 which comes in Aesthetic Soft Look Design.

It is built using UV grade plastic material for long lasting appearance. Your living rooms will get that upscale look the moment you install this readymade single-door deep freezer which is engineered with utmost perfection.

You can move it easily from one room to another or from one floor to another. You can comfortably open the deep freezer since it has spring loaded hinges. Buyers can also enjoy maximum durability and longevity if they start using it. It goes well with floor and wall colours and all other objects.


  • 205 litres which ensures maximum storage space
  • Stucco aluminium inner liner for improved hygiene.
  • UV grade plastic
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy wheels for easy mobility
  • Digital display lights on the bottom


  • Star rating not given
  • Limited colour options

4. Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer

Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer (95 Ltrs, White)

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Shops which sell varieties of ice creams, meaty products, medicines and frozen foods can survive in this competitive world only when they use high quality and branded deep freezers which come with cutting-edge technology. If you are a seller who fall in one of these categories, then you should start using Blue Star CHF100 Single Door Deep Freezer model number 8904239840654, 8904239840647, 8904239839856.

This product which is in big demand throughout India comes with impressive look and amazing features. You can store frozen meat, liquor bottles, ice cubes, water bottles and many other items inside the freezer safely and preserve it for months. Stocks stored inside this magnificent box will never lose its quality and freshness.

It comes with sturdy door and stylish hinges. It occupies minimum space since it is a compact machine. Cost-price of this innovatively designed product is much lesser than competitive models.


  • Heavy duty castor wheel for easy movement and transportation
  • Has lock and key feature for safe storage of food items
  • Energy efficient product
  • 1 basket included
  • 95 litres capacity
  • Spacious handle for opening and closing the machine
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty and additional two year warranty on compressor
  • Rustic look and impressive colour


  • Limited storage space
  • Limited colour options

5. Haier Single Door Hard Top HCC 230HC Deep Freezer

Haier Single Door Hard Top HCC 230HC Deep Freezer, 198 liters, White, Convertible

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Haier is an international brand which is headquartered in the country of the China. It has extensive networks and supplies varieties of affordably priced deep freezers. If you are a meat seller or person who handles large stocks of frozen foods, then you should take measures to install Haier Single Door Hard Top HCC 230HC 6930265392890 Deep Freezer, 198 litres which comes with incredible features.

It extracts minimum energy and works round the clock. It does not have lock and key but has all other exemplary features. It comes with an eye catchy colour and designs. Haier deep freezers have power-packed compressors which freezes the box instantly and protects the stocks from putrefaction.

If your daily needs and requirements are more, it is always better to choose bigger models like this one. This rated product is fairly priced for the benefit of online shoppers. It also has dynamic wheel for easy movement and transportation.


  • Extracts minimum power – Up to 40% saving in electricity expenses
  • Ideal for storing frozen foods and meats
  • 198 litres
  • 1 year comprehensive and three year compressor warranty
  • Deep single door freezer with highest cooling capacity
  • 1 basket included
  • High density puff insulation technology


  • Lock and key features not available
  • Limited colour options

6. Godrej 400 L Deep Freezer

Godrej 400 L Deep Freezer (DpFrz GCHW410R2DXB Htop, White)

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Deep freezers have become critical asset since it preserves the quality of the stocks kept inside it for months. You can serve chill and cool soft drinks and frozen foods only when you house high quality and branded deep freezers like Godrej 400 L Deep Freezer DpFrz GCHW410R2DXB Htop which comes with stylish colour and awesome features.

It has robust body and rich silhouette. You can use the swing door for opening and closing the deep freezer. Users can clean the machine quickly and give fresh lease of life to it at any point of time. It comes with lock and key where you can lock the freezer before calling it a day or shutting the doors.  It has frost/freeze as well as fast freezing features.

Your place of living will get that luxurious look the moment you install this readymade deep freezer which excels in all the parameters.


  • Maximum power saving
  • Metal lid with smart swing door for easy opening and closing
  • Freezer/cooler convert and fast freezing technology. Machines achieves optimum cooling and freezing within minutes.
  • Food grade basket
  • One year product and 5 years compressor warranty
  • Defrost water drain


  • No lighting inside the machine
  • Limited colour options

7. Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top 250 Litres

Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top 250 Liters

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Grocery shops, meat sellers, ice cream parlours can run their business successfully only when they maintain sufficient stocks throughout the year. These types of shops can expand their business only when they house deep freezers like Rockwell Chest Freezer Single Door Hard Top 250 Litres which come with expansive storage space and fresh look.

This fastest selling chest type freezer is getting five-star ratings and reviews from all corners. It has corrosion resistant body and other advance features. It freezes instantly and preserves the food stuffs and other perishable products for a long time. You can store piles of stocks inside the chest and take it out when the needs arise.

You will not take your eyes away from this machine and deeply get engrossed in it. It can withstand rough usage and voltage fluctuations easily since it comes from the house of branded manufacturer. You can expect much more surprises and benefits when you buy and use this spectacular product which is priced cheaply.


  • Machine has passed OPTIMO run test and other quality assessment tests
  • 3 side air circulation for better heat transfer
  • Corrosion resistant body which ensures long life and best usage.
  • Works well in extreme temperature
  • Extra storage capacity
  • 250 litres storage space
  • Rustic wheel for mobility


  • Keys and locks not available
  • Limited colour option

8. Godrej 510 L Deep Freezer

Godrej 510 L Deep Freezer (DpFrz GCHW535R2DHC Htop, White)

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Godrej which is creating a record in deep freezer manufacturing and sales has introduced an ergonomically designed deep freezer namely Godrej 510 L Deep Freezer DpFrz GCHW535R2DHC Htop which comes with aesthetic finish and awesome look. It you are keen to buy giant-sized chest type freezer for your shops or warehouse, then you should decide to select Godrej 510 L since it has expansive space and depth.

You can store all types of frozen foods, liquors, soft drinks, ice creams and all other perishable items inside the box and use it any point of time. This ultramodern freezer will surpass your expectations since it has received rave reviews from users.

Maintenance and cleaning will never be a challenge to you since it is designed in such a mind-blowing manner. You can use stylish door handles for opening and closing the machine.


  • Fast freezing
  • 520 litres capacity. You can store plenty of frozen foods inside the box
  • One year product and 5 years compressor warranty
  • Food grade basket
  • Freezer/ cooler convert
  • Maximum savings on electricity


  • Limited colour options
  • No key and lock


When it comes to deep freezers there are two types of products under this category and they are chest and upright type. Out of these two types, chest type is gaining immense popularity since it can be easily installed and used immediately.

Millions of customers prefer buying the products listed here sine they are priced cheaply. Budget and quality conscious customers will stand to benefit when they buy one of the products that are suggested here. All these products will easily withstand rough usage since they have strong doors and robust body.

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