7 Best Chimneys in India 2021 (Reviews)

It can be frustrating for you to try and cook foods in your home in India due to all the heat that can come about from a stove top or other surface. The immense hot air can make it harder for your home to stay cool. But the good news is that you can get a new added in your home to help you with moving the air out from your kitchen and out of your house.

This guide will help you with noting many of the Best Chimneys in India for 2021 that you can use. These are all helpful choices that give you extra help with keeping what you have heated well. You should look at how well these can work with keeping your home from becoming too hot or uncomfortable.

Be sure you look at the requirements that come with getting any of these chimney installed in your home. You will require an appropriate amount of duct pipe and aluminum tape among other materials for installation purposes. You have the option to get your installed on your own or with help from a professional.

Also, some of may come with the materials needed for the installation process, although not all models are going to come with such features.




Elica 1200 m3/hr
Elica 1100 m3/hr
Faber 1200 m3/hr
Hindware 1200 m3/hr
Hindware 700 m3/hr
Elica 1220 m3/hr
Eurodomo 1200 m3/hr

Best Chimneys in India

1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit (WD HAC TOUCH BF 60, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Black)
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Elica makes this 60 cm of Best Chimneys India with a touch control panel that helps you to adjust the heat setting on the model. An added LED lamp helps you to keep your model lit up over your stove or other surface.

The baffle filter is easy to clean off and will ensure that oil and other residues will stay in the surface to allow the air to move through the filters. The suction capacity of 1,200 cubic metres per hour makes it a helpful model for your use.

We recommend using any of these Best Gas Stoves for better heat handling that comes handy when used with chimneys like this Elica models.


  • Capable of handling a four-burner stove top
  • Does not make an intense amount of noise when in use
  • Suitable for kitchens up to 200 square feet in size


  • Requires at least ten feet of aluminum duct pipe for this to work well enough

2. Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney

Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/HR Chimney (Escg BF 60 NERO, 1 Baffle Filter, Black)
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You also have this Elica model in Best Chimneys India 2021 for that uses 230 watts of power to consider. The 60 cm uses oil collector bowels that will collect oil in moments and ensure only air will move through the chimney. The push button panel provides individual controls for handling many materials of value.

The two LED lamps on the inside are also helpful for letting you notice what you are doing when preparing foods. The buttons on the top make it easy for you to get the heat prepared well enough.


  • The curved glass provides enough coverage for many surfaces
  • The model works well for frying and grilling purposes
  • The five-year warranty is one of the best in the field


  • The oil collector bowel can collect materials in very little time

3. Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney

Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney (Hood Crest Plus HC SC BK 60, Filterless, Touch & Gesture Control, Black)
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Faber also makes this 60 cm for kitchens up to 200 square feet in size. The three-speed setup does well for many cooking needs. The motion sensor touch control feature lets you adjust the settings on this model in moments. The sturdy motor also produces a great suction capacity for most cooking needs.

The design allows for more items to be gathered at a time without worrying about lots of noise being produced at a time. You can also use the auto clean feature to clean off the materials from the surface without risking grease or oil being a problem along your surface.

Faber, the brand also produces some best dishwashers in India has got some recognition from Indians due to its premium functions which you dont find on usual brands.

If one of the best planning to buy a new kitchen chimneys and is confused about to select the best chimneys India, then it is right for 2021 …


  • The filterless design allows for materials to go through without bearing with any cleaning difficulties
  • The suction capacity works at 1,200 cubic metres per hour
  • Two LED lamps are included for keeping your space illuminated


  • The gesture control feature is not all that sensitive

4. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (Nevio 90, 1 Baffle Filter, Steel/Grey)
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This next choice from Hindware is a little larger than what you would get elsewhere. The 90 cm design is useful for up to four burners at a time and also does well with heavy frying or grilling purposes. A stainless steel baffle filter is included to help with collecting items and to keep oil and other residue bits from being stuck where you are.

A thermal auto clean feature also does well with cleaning off many surfaces before they become too hard to manage on your own.


  • The push button control feature simplifies the operations on this model
  • The product comes with a five-year warranty on the motor
  • The stainless steel finish resists rust and will not warp from intense heat


  • The metallic blower can wear out if left on for too much time at once

5. Hindware 60cm 700 m3/hr Chimney

Hindware 60cm 700 m3/hr Chimney (Clarissa Black 60, 2 Cassette Filters, Black)
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Perhaps you need a chimneys for a smaller kitchen. Hindware makes this 60 cm model for kitchens up to 100 square feet in size. The unit works well for when you’re handling low frying or grilling functions.

The metallic motor on the inside provides a long life for use and does not produce lots of noise, nor will this create lots of vibrations as the model is operational.


  • The cassette filter on the inside is made with a sturdy aluminum body
  • The illumination areas of the two incandescent lights are very large
  • The push button controls are clearly labeled


  • You need to clean off the cassette filter every two weeks to keep the unit working

6. Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney

Elica 60 cm 1220 m3/hr Chimney (GLACE SF ETB PLUS LTW 60 PB LED, Black) with Installation Kit
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Elica has another Best Chimneys India 2021 of helpful option for you to look at here. The model comes with a firm baffle filter that covers more air and ensures smoke will not persist around your surface. The low noise level of this chimneys also makes it a helpful choice, especially since the motor is quiet and does not produce bothersome vibrations.

The model comes with a suction capacity of 1,220 cubic metres per hour, which is a little longer than what you might find through some other models available for use.


  • The power buttons on the side are very responsive.
  • The classy design of this chimneys makes it fit in well in most kitchen surrounds.
  • Does well with taking in air produced by grilling.


  • The cowl cover needed to get the chimney to safely work is difficult to install and figure out.

7. Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney

  • Affordable Chimneys India

Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean curved glass Kitchen Chimney (Hood Classy HC TC 60, Baffle Filter, Touch Control, Black)
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You can get this Eurodomo chimneys to work for your cooking needs as desired as well. The Eurodomo is Best Chimneys India uses a baffle filter that takes in oils well and will ensure they will not drip or spill around your surface.

The high-capacity body of the baffle filter also ensures that you will only have to clean off your chimneys for filter every six months.


  • The chimney is perfect for heavy frying needs
  • The stainless steel baffle filter keeps smoke residue down
  • The digital display feature lets you review the specific settings for your chimney control


  • The LED display does not light up as well as one might hope

Find the Best Of Best Chimneys India?

You have many options to utilize when finding a Best Chimneys India in 2021 for your kitchen. Any choice that you take will help you with clearing out the air where you are and will also be sensible for many uses. But you will have to be aware of how well you’re going to get a chimneys ready for your kitchen.

Make sure you review how well different chimneys models will work for your home based on their sizes and how well they operate. You’ll find that it is not tough for you to find useful models for your work needs when you look online for something of value.

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