Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 in India 2019

Bluetooth speakers are one of the trendiest thing among Indians, thanks to the craze of cheap internet and a lot of music, the bluetooth wireless speakers are getting an essential thing in every ones hand.

Since we already covered up the list of overall good speakers list, we're doing a list of Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 that comes with awesome sound quality with bass, easy setup, and battery backup for maximum hours and few more essential things. I found an lot of models in this price range, so it became little bit hard to choose the best, however, here is the

Quick Summary

Best Overall: MIFA A1, the most under rated device in this 1500 sub category with "maximum battery life, maximum sound and bass"

Runner up Second Best: JBL Go Portable, "comes integrated with Google Assitant or Siri at just single click"

Best in Budget: Philips BT 50, " you will not find any other balanced product at such an budget price"

Best Battery Life: MIFA A1, "claims to offers 12 hours playback, double of what most products have"

Best for Versatility: Zoook 5 in 1 " Comes with Bluetooth, SD card, FM, Aux and USB play for maximum"

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs. 1500 In India

1) Philips BT50B

  • The lithium battery plays music up to 6 hours.
  • The audio jack feature allows the user to connect to any music device.
  • The Anti-clip plays songs louder when the battery is low.
  • Low battery backup hours compared to MIFA A1.

The Philips BT50B Bluetooth Portable is a under 1500 model is useful device that lets you stream high quality music. It comes out with feature that provides instant connectivity with the modern circular design. The cutting edge sound technology renders clear sound. The small sound driver produces giant sound for an improved sound. The exterior has the common function at the front .

2) MIFA A1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

  • Best bass in this price range
  • Awesome battery life up to 12 hours.
  • 3.5mm easy connectivity for hands free call
  • IPX6 water resistant
  • Portable to carry,  just 175g
  • Actually nothing, go for it.

MIFA A1 is our latest pick which impressed me with the 12 hours playback time with a volume level of 70% and most other models in the price range offers just around 5-6 hours and that's impressive as you can feel.

The specifications are more common just like other models with a durable TPU rubber unit for better grip offers a MIFA mobile app which enables you to control songs on the go.

If you just want to forget about the brands and looking for the best model to serve the purpose rather than showoff with big brands, you just go for it.

3) JBL GO Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

  • The Li-on battery ensures 5-hour long duration of music
  • Insert the audio cable into the GO speaker and enjoy unlimited music.
  • Average sound output.

The JBL Go is a wireless device hence it is compact and portable to carry wherever you travel. The JBL Go plays unlimited music for pairing with your mobile phones, tablet and laptops.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 in India reduces unwanted ambient sounds, thereby enabling to answer the phone calls without even disconnecting the speaker. The JBL Go comes out in eight colors with an inbuilt carry strap hook.

I even added them as one of the overall best bluetooth speakers in India list due to its stunning performance.

4) BoAt Stone 170 Bluetooth Speaker.

  • Boat stone 170 is durable constructed for both indoor and outdoor purposes, resisting rain, less flow running water. This device can endure a random fall in water where the speaker has to be dried immediately.
  • The Product is 4.1 transference with no compromise in audio quality.
  • The speaker does not resist water.

The boat Stone portable is wirelessly paired for your devices to stream the songs collection. With a robust life battery, the system renders substantial sound, getting rid from the main power supply, durable for 8-10 hours. The Process control, clear out complex , intricate connections and cable length constraints, enjoy clear sound quality.

The excess capacity rechargeable 1800 mah lithium make battery renders 10 hours for playing songs back to back and 12 hours talk time with one time charging. The USB cable is included and standby battery usage  lasts till 30 hours. The rechargeable battery is charged using the inbuilt USB cable.

The best microphone is provided for the user to handle mobile phone in hands free mode accessing the voice calls, online messaging .

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5) Artis BT90 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

  • The cubical design is operates upto 10 metres.
  • The Bluetooth pairing is done quickly.
  • Music playback time lasts upto 5 hours.
  • Charging issues.

Artis BT90 Bluetooth has comes in compact for outdoor. This is best product under 1500 models renders energetic sound effect which is exceedingly  high spirited. Ideal for family  hangouts, tea parties, regional events,  sports meet. This device is wirelessly paired  to your smart phones, laptop and tablet.

Check out the top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 in India 2019 with all features & details for indoor and outdoor use Expert Reviewed.

The multiple input options allows the user to enjoy unlimited music. The USB port allows to stream music using a pen drive, an AUX slot connects other mp3 media devices, a micro SD card or TF Card reader slot  to insert your memory cards. Tune in the FM radio for your favorite music.

6) Portronics POR Affordable Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 2019

  • The power saver mode turns off the device when it is not in use , also keeps the standby mode for a duration of 10 minutes.
  • Battery is durable plays music for 7 hours with 360 sound clarity.
  • The power indicator blinks when the device needs to be recharged.
  •  Average battery life.

The Soundpot Bluetooth is made up artistically with closely packed cylindrical shape. The exterior layer of the rubber finish quality for a firm hold. This is best product under 1500 model is renders super quality and gratifying musical sound which is compatible with mobile phones, tablet, laptop and other audio devices.

The catching feature in the sound pot is the vocal commander which serves as a virtual assistant. The vocal lead indicates and vocalizes the current mode of the device it's turned on. The sound pot can also be connected as a supporting hands free call mode.

The AUX in port support sources from pc’s, pen drive, otg usb and other compatible devices.The user need to recharge several times for saving battery life.

Found the Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers?

Coming to the conclusion, there are a lot of new products from Chinese brands but its not clear about the post sales services, however, I ensure the above companies having good support after sales.

If you're looking for an all in one model, go for MIFA A1 or if you're looking for an branded one, choose Philips BT50B.

Do you think I missed out an model under this 1500 category. If yes, please do comment below.





12 hours


5 hours

Philips BT50B

6 hours

boAt stone 170

6 hours

Artis BT90

5 hours

Zoook Rocker 5 in 1

6 hours

I tried my best to compile the list, however, if you're unsatisfied and willing to spend more, check our bluetooth speakers under 2000 or if you're on tight budget, look our speakers under 1000 post where there are a lot more options available for you to get started. 

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500 in India 2019

Bluetooth speakers are one of the trendiest thing among Indians, thanks to the craze of cheap internet and a lot of music, the bluetooth wireless speakers

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