Blue Star Air Conditioners | Price List, Review, Buy Online 2019

The Best Blue Star AC In India is an outstanding products of our company devoted to the production of high-end air conditioning units through India. The company has been making various units for 75 years among any other home appliances like air and water purifiers.

The company serves home and business clients alike with all their specific cooling needs. In addition, the company makes its products directly in India with factories in Dadra, Wada, and Himachal among other places. You will appreciate the thorough work that Blue Star puts in when it comes to keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the year.

In fact, Blue Star continues to be innovative in the world of air conditioning. You can use many conditioners for various needs, including ones that offer distinct sensors for controlling air settings. The added filtration features included in these product models also ensure you’ll have enough protection for keeping the air where you are relaxed without being stuffy or otherwise hard to manage.

The company has been helping us with many things of value, but it helps to note what’s around for your needs. Blue Star has various quality units that need to be explored for any intention you have when keeping your home cool.

Here are the Five Best Blue Star AC In India 2019

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star

The Best Blue Star AC In India to makes this first choice among its units as a model that can handle two separate setting options. You can use two setting profiles for individual comfort needs. The model ensures that the settings are saved and that the unit will move to the proper air setting based on what you require out of it.

The Comfort Sleep feature also reviews changes in indoor temperatures and adjusts the setting accordingly. This ensures that the unit will not keep the space too cold at night.


  • The Self Clean feature removes moisture, dust, and other items from the inside
  • The unit can be adjusted to fit different climate profiles based on the optimal settings for a space
  • The non-inverter body ensures there is little noise produced


  • Low SEER rating a 3.55
  • The surface area on the copper condenser coil is not all that large

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star

You can add this Best Blue Star AC In India 2019 models to your window when you need cool air. The design uses an Auto Mode feature that selects the cooling system needed based on the conditions in your room. The Anti Freeze Thermostat also works on the indoor coil to prevent the compressor from freezing up, thus ensuring the model stays functional all the time.


  • A memory feature automatically restarts the unit when the power is lost
  • The hydrophilic evaporator fins will not condensate any water that builds up
  • Comfort Sleep feature is included for monitoring conditions at night


  • Takes a while for the refrigerant gas to start working
  • The noise produced here can be bothersome

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star

The 5-star rating on this Best Blue Star AC In India 2019 models to makes it a good unit to have if you’re in the market for something that works a little harder. The brushless motors on the inside produce a reliable body that does not generate lots of noise.

The Cold Plasma system analyzes the oxygen and hydrogen ions that build up in the unit. The design filters out old ions and neutralizes them so mold and other unsavory buildups will not be likely to grow within the unit.


  • The four-direction swing feature allows air to move through fast
  • The dual rotor compressor allows air to move fast
  • Precision cooling at intervals of 0.1 degree Celsius


  • The process of cleaning off the unit is tough on occasion
  • The unit takes some extra time to shut off all the way after you turn it off

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star

You have several appealing features of note when making the most out of this unit. The Dry Mode feature will reduce the excess humidity in the room. The Comfort Sleep feature also adjusts the temperature at night based on the conditions in your home.

This is Blue Star 1.5 Ton has No 1 Products of Best Blue Star AC in India.

You can also use the automatic restart feature to get the model back to its original setting if the power source for the setup is lost for whatever reason.


  • The copper condenser coil allows air to be managed well
  • The dust filter collects air and keeps the space clean well enough
  • Works for rooms up to 150 square feet


  • The swing feature makes lots of noise
  • The SEER rating of 3.31 is low for a five-star model

Blue Star 0.75 Ton 3 Star

You might have a very small room that is less than 100 square feet that needs extra attention. You can use this small model to help you with keeping your air cool and comfortable.

Five separate sensors are used on this unit model to identify how well the air in your home is being covered. The small sensors identify how well the air is flowing in your home. The design works best if you’ve got a tiny space, but the air will move well and can get out on the ceiling to ensure that the carry works as well as possible.

Also the Blue Star 0.75 Ton has No 1 brands products of Best Blue Star AC In India 2019 for cheap prices.


  • Seven separate filters all air to move through fast
  • The copper condenser allows air to flow evenly through the entire surface
  • Ten-year warranty on the compressor works with a standard year and nine added years


  • The blower may be obstructed on occasion
  • Not many directions for the air to move out through

Find the Best Of Best Blue Star AC In India?

You will have to notice what you are doing when finding an effective air conditioner from Best Blue Star AC In India. The company makes many outstanding models for people around India to utilize. You will appreciate the qualities that come with the units that the company proudly has to offer throughout India.

You should review the types of models around, including models that cover everything from small rooms to large spaces, not to mention models with different setting features that are convenient for your many usage standards that you might have.

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