10 Best All In One Printer In India 2019

An all in one printer is one of the most helpful tools that can be used for computing needs in India. With such for the best printer, it can quickly get various tasks completed from printing to scanning to copying. You can even send faxes depending on your model.

But what is Best All in One Printer in India in 2019? This guide will help with finding a choice that fits in with your work needs. There are ten useful options in particular that can use when finding something that works for your desires.

What Is An All In One Printer?

To understand the options available for your use, it helps to see what an all in one printer is all about. An all in one printer is a model that focuses on multiple printing tasks. The unit works with various forms of paper, including letter and label paper. Also use best all in one printer with many types of paper, including cardstock paper and postcard paper that might be a little thicker than something else can use.

But the functionality of a printer is something worth noting. You can not only print that on your printer but also copy and scan documents. It can feed a document through the all in one printer and then get a copied printout ready in moments. The simplicity ensures you’ll have an easy time getting your content ready.

Some models also help to fax documents. There may be times when it needs to get faxes out to various places, especially when certain sites need physical materials of note. An all in one printer can help with getting those items out as soon as possible.

It will have to look at how well an all in one printer can work if for going to handle your content though. Not all of these all in one printer in India will come with the same features, so make sure to look at what’s around for any intention that might have.

Here are the Ten Best All In One Printer In India 2019

1.Epson EcoTank L3150

The Wi-Fi Enabled layout of this Epson all in one printer makes it a popular choice for your use. The EcoTank L3150 provides you with printing, scanning, and copying setups for convenience. It can be used for Wi-Fi connection to link your computer in moments.

The fast printing speed on EcoTank L3150 is a popular feature to see. You can print up to 33 pages per minute or ppm in black and white or 15 ppm for colour. The borderless printing support on best all in one printer model also works when you’re aiming to produce pictures without any annoying white borders.

All in one printer also uses about 12W of power on average. This means that you’re not going to spend all day trying to get them all in one printer to work while using more energy than necessary.

2.HP DeskJet 3835

Your next choice for best all in one printer in India is this HP model that comes with a 2.2-inch touchscreen to helps for control with features on your model. All in one printer for many functions, including printing multi-page documents. The automatic document feeder can also collect items that you want to scan in moments. You can copy up to 35 pages of content at a time with this model.

HP Smart app lets you set up with a printer in moments. All functions can be managing all in one printer from anywhere you want to use it.

It can be take in PDFs and other files from a mobile device and print through a Wi-Fi link. The all in one printer will quickly load up on content and print everything based on settings for establishing on all printer program.

It is also used as a printer for many page sizes. These include A4, A6, and DL envelope sizes.

3.Epson Eco Tank L3101

Another Epson model, this choice for best all in one printer in India 2019 works at 33 ppm for black and white and 15 ppm for colour. All printers can work at resolutions of up to 5,760 dots per inch or dpi. It is used for borderless printing feature to help with printing high-definition images.

There are many papers for all in one printer option. You can add legal and Indian legal documents in the all in one printer, not to mention letters and DL envelope paper sets. Thicker postcard-quality paper materials can also be added to printed if desired.

The model comes with a page yield of 4,500 pages for black and white or 7,500 pages for colour. The ink bottles that work in the printer make it easy to handle your content and to manage what will use in moments.

It is also used for all in one printer in heavy printing needs. This includes working with 300 pages or more per month. You can also take advantage of an extended warranty lasting one year or 30,000 pages.

4.Canon Pixma G2012

You can also use the Canon Pixma G2012 all in one printer for your best basic work needs. The Pixma printer lets you print, copy, and scan documents.

The features on this best all in one printer in India for 2019 provide extra help for all unique printing needs you want to complete. The Hybrid Ink System used by Canon identifies with a specific hue or shade of colour or black ink that needs to be used. The design ensures that work in question is managed as carefully as possible without going overboard over how much ink you will need to use.

The slim panel on the body lets you configure all the settings on printers. You can adjust how well the printer scans or copies items and also set a number of copies that you want to produce at a time.

The USB connection on the Pixma all in one printer lets you connect to a computer in moments without any complicated wires, not to mention nothing with difficult to insert pins or screws. The USB interface also provides a faster transfer speed.

Be advised that this printer does not work with the Mac OS system. It is not compatible with that operating system. You can use it on many different versions of the Windows operating system though.

5.HP DeskJet 2138

The flatbed scanner feature on the top part of this best all in one printer in India makes for a helpful feature. You can scan documents of all types and save them to your computer’s hard drive or immediately print the contents as a copy.

You can print at a resolution of up to 4800×1200 in colour or 1200×1200 for black and white. The resolution can work on both sides of your paper thanks to the duplex printing feature on an all in one printer model. The duplex printing layout provides a convenient layout for printing that works in minutes and will create a good image without smearing anything as the paper comes out.

The model can also be best all in one printer in India you can use when aiming to find a model that doesn’t take up lots of space. The compact body lets you store the printer on a countertop. The recessed paper tray also ensures you’ll have more control over how well you’re going to manage your work.

The extended duty cycle ensures you’ll have an easier time with printing things without wasting lots of paper. You can work with up to a thousand pages per month on this model.

6.Canon Pixma G3000

The connectivity that comes with this Canon printer makes it an indispensable choice to see when finding the best all in one printer in India in 2019. You can use a Wi-Fi link or a USB connection on this model.

The Pixma Cloud Link helps you print anything you have on a cloud connection. You can scan a document on your mobile device and then connect it to your printer. A cloud link can move between your device and the printer, thus giving you an accurate printout every time. You can always adjust the features on a printout before you get it out all the way too.

The Canon Print Inkjet and Selphy App can help you identify how well you all in one printer is working as well. You can use it with an app to identify how well a printer is working when aiming to note its functionality.

All in One Printer can work with many paper options, including A4, letter, and legal paper. The paper tray includes a few guidelines that will help you align paper regardless of what you may need to use for your task when trying to get anything printed out well enough.

You can also use all in one printer when working with thicker paper materials. These include bits of paper for use on greeting cards, business cards, and postcards. You can also support labels without worrying about label materials coming off paper backing spots.

This produces a better approach to handling your content without trying to keep everything together when managing your work and making it all look more intriguing.

7.HP DeskJet 4729

In addition to copying, scanning, and printing things, you can also use the HP DeskJet 4729 All in One printer to fax documents. You can use software that comes with all in one printer to scan documents and then send them to appropriate fax numbers or addresses. You can even use this to send items to multiple fax accounts at a time.

The Quiet Mode option lets you print your documents in moments without producing anything that might be too noisy. You can use this if you want to print without creating any vibrations or other annoying issues in your printer while in use.

The output tray includes lines to help you with aligning your paper as necessary. If all in one printer tray will monitor and scan quality of paper to ensure it is aligned evenly, thus preventing jams from developing. You can use a printer without having to attend to it if desired.

You can also print items through a USB drive that you attach to your printer. The electronic print compatibility feature also lets you select a file and directly print it from that model without having to open any printer features or programs to make it task work outright.

8.HP DeskJet 5075

You can work with many printing functions on this HP DeskJet printer, but one of the top features to find in this choice for best all in one printer is 4×6 photo support feature. An all in one printer can work with such photos with the best possible resolution. You can work with up to 4800×1200 in resolution for a colour photo.

You can print 10 ppm in black and white or seven in colour. It can support that best all in one printer provides for many types of paper is particularly essential to note. You can also use the duplex print feature to take care of your printing work in moments.

The duty cycle on a printer works for up to 1,250 pages per month. This provides more than enough space for all unique printing needs you want to manage.

The automatic document feeder is also helpful when you need assistance with handling detailed documents. The unit works well for when you’re trying to handle scans or copies. The design ensures that everything is aligned in the scanning or copying process, thus keeping you from having any documents that might not be properly aligned.

9.Canon E4270 All-in-One

Canon makes this best all in one printer as a model that can also fax documents alongside scan and copy items. But there is more to this Canon model that deserves to be noted as well.

The automatic duplex printing feature will automatically print on both sides of the paper, a necessity for larger print jobs that require more paper. The even printing layout ensures ink will not smear during with printing process. This positive point works even in cases where you have a large amount of content that needs to be printed out.

The 20-sheet automatic document feeder appears on the top part of all in one printer. The unit works for scanning and copying purposes and lets you handle your paper while helping you guide it through well enough to where paper will not become stuck.

A document removal reminder is included for your convenience. The reminder sets off an alert to let you know to pick up your documents after you are finished printing them. You will not worry about forgetting that you have something that needs to be picked up.

All of these features work with some of the best technical qualities you can enjoy. The all in one printer features a 4800×1200 resolution for colour shots and a 600×1200 resolution for black and white. You can also support paper sheets as small as 4×6 up to A4. Letter paper can also be supported. You can get the best printer running at about 8.8 ppm for black and white items or 4.4 ppm for colour things.

10.Canon Pixma E477

The Pixma line is subject to best all in one printer models in India for 2019. The E477 has a slim body with a convenient scan bed on the top part. You can lift the door open and closed without taking up lots of space. The fashionable appearance fits in with any office you wish to run, not to mention with all in one printer will not look overly bulky when used well.

You have many connectivity features to utilize on this printer as well. The best all in one printer can support a Wi-Fi connection, although you can also use a USB link directly between printer and computer. You can also use this on many older operating systems in the Windows line, including Windows 7 or Vista.

The cloud printing feature helps to load documents through a cloud network and to print them directly to the E477. If you don’t even need to have a file open to print. It can use Google Cloud setup to send documents to the printer. The unit will automatically read the format and identify other features on the printer to produce the best documents possible, thus giving you better results in less time.

Find the Best All In One Printer In India 2019?

You should look around well when finding the best all in one printer in India that can work for your general needs. All in one printer models that are available for work with making more out of printing needs in many situations. The best all in one printer that can hire will especially do well with many projects beyond printing.

But it will need to look well at how an all in one printer can work for your general demands. Such a best printer can help with performing more tasks for all unique needs have for any task at hand. Be aware of what you’re finding when getting a printer-ready, as the options have worked in many forms for whatever desires to might have.

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