7 Best Air Coolers in India For 2019

The Best Air Coolers In India has a hot and humid weather in India can be a burden for anyone. Fortunately, there are many coolers that people around India should look for when finding ways to stay comfortable. The seven options listed here are all valuable choices that include many positives that you should explore. But these models are also ones that have a few issues worth noting. Still, each option you will read about here is something that will keep you cool throughout the toughest times of the year.

These coolers are designed with unique bodies. You can use an air cooler by applying water into a small reservoir in your cooler. The Product will then draw upon the water and allow for coolers to move through. This comes as the cool water is moved through and produces a distinct sensation that features a gentle mist that will not cause anything to get wet, but instead make everything feel cool.

You’ll have to review your product works based on the quality of that moves through and how well it will keep you comfortable. A cooler can work wonders if planned out well and arranged to be gentle and easy to handle.

Here are the Seven Best Air Coolers In India 2019

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque – #1 Air Cooler in India

Your first choice to see is this Bajaj air coolers that works for a room up to 150 square feet in size. This is Best Air Coolers AC In India with suitable for all climates and coastal areas around India. The four-way deflection feature ensures that the coming from the cooler moves well and in more directions.

The 36-litre water tank ensures you’ll have enough cool water to work with as well. A three-sided honeycomb pad also provides extra cooling power to keep you relaxed.


  • Have an air throw of about 30 feet
  • Can work with Inverter for allowing the unit to work even when the power is cut
  • Four castor wheels provide you with easy mobility


  • Some small gaps can be found around the ends of the vents
  • The cooling speed is the same regardless of the setting you use

Symphony Diet 12T

This is a Best Air Coolers In India 2019 model from Symphony offers a 12-litre capacity and works for rooms up to a thousand cubic feet in size. The multi-stage purification feature that includes help for filtering out dust, smells, allergens, bacteria, and other bits of debris. The honey comb pad feature also provides a secure body that makes it easier for you to keep the products in your space comfortable.


  • Works on inverter power
  • The dura-pump design provides a better lifespan
  • The water release plug is easy to handle


  • The unit may throw water at times
  • This may not pump water if you don’t use it long enough

Symphony Hicool I

The multistage filter feature in this Symphony cooler does well with handling allergens and dust among other materials. The 31-litre capacity in this cooler is helpful, but the best part of this is that an empty water tank alarm will let you know when you need to add new chilled water into the cooler.

The System Restore Function also provides a full review of the conditions that the working at and will restart the unit when the power is cut for any reason.


  • Can work for about ten hours on average with a full container of water
  • It is easy to see the water level on the inside
  • The two-way air flow allows water to move sideways


  • Does not work in larger rooms like living rooms
  • Needs ice cubes or really cold water for the best results

Bajaj Frio

The 23-litre capacity of this handle a room up to 150 square feet in size. The three-sided cooling pad allows for the through well and move water well enough. The three-way speed control also provides a good sense of control over how well the Coolers moves through a room.

The ice box top also provides a good approach for handling many cooling needs. A seven-inch blower is also included in the fan to help with allowing the unit to keep on working.


  • Offers a quiet performance
  • The honeycomb cooling media allows the spreading to move out fast
  • Offers an air throw capacity of 30 feet


  • The air can leak through the sides on occasion
  • Takes a moment to start up

Symphony Diet 50i

Symphony offers this Best Air Coolers In India with three fan speed modes. A swing feature allows the coolers to move through in moments. The seven-hour timer is also useful for making it easier for the AC unit to work. You will also hear a five-second alarm beep for when you need to refill the water tank.


  • Offers an air throw distance of 37 feet
  • Covers rooms up to 57 square metres in size
  • The Coolers uses many steps for cleaning out air


  • The drain plug can wear out fast
  • The product can throw water on occasion

Crompton Greaves Ozone

The helpful design of this Crompton Greaves is best air coolers in India  2019 works with 75 litres of cold water capacity. This delivers at 4,200 square metres per hour and also works with an unit speed control system. The motor overload protector also identifies when the power source has become too intense or strong.


  • Offers a four-way air deflection system
  • Works in rooms up to 500 square feet in size
  • The motorized louver can oscillate at various speeds


  • Difficult to see the water level indicator
  • Not much of a difference between speeds

Symphony Diet 22i

Your last choice to see is this Symphony model that uses best air coolers in India has three fan speed modes. Designed for rooms up to 42 square metres, the unit works offers a seven-hour timer for all-day cooling.


  • The 22-litre tank capacity is easy to handle
  • The louver circulates air in moments
  • The Coolers speed controls move fast


  • You need to keep the window or door open for regular cross-ventilation
  • The internal flip adjuster is hard to control

Find the Best Of Best Air Coolers In India?

You need to look at how well you’re going to find a great functions for all your specific cooling needs during the summer season. The best products of coolers has you’ve read about here are all designed to work well for the hottest conditions that India can bring.

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